foothill water polo club What’s making fashionistas don jodhpurs

marco polo facts for kids What’s making fashionistas don jodhpurs

At one time, the Royals of Rajasthan wore them, looking blue blooded alright, riding their horses. The jodhpur breeches made a classic fashion statement back then. Today, jodhpurs are to stylish men what LBDs are to fashionable women. History has it that Pratap Singh, younger son of the Maharaja of Jodhpur, popularised in England the style of riding trousers worn in Jodhpur, a design that he apparently perfected himself and first tailored in India in 1890. An avid polo player, when he visited Queen Victoria in England in 1897, bringing with him his entire polo team, his attire caused a sensation among the fashion circuit of the UK with their reputation doubled by the match wins. His jodhpur style with flared thigh and hip was an instant hit. At royal weddings till today, jodhpurs are still the fashion du jour.

With summer kicking in, not surprisingly, women too are donning them with equal elan. Jodhpurs are now splashed everywhere on high street, giving one a chance to ditch the denims to be summer ready. Designer Archana Kochchar sums up the trend: is the first season when the bottom has become more important than the top. Jodhpurs are surely fresh and fun. Go for bright shades, as this summer is all about colours. Designer Abhishek Dutta says that for summer,
foothill water polo club What's making fashionistas don jodhpurs
jodhpurs in linen will be the ideal fabric. are so many variations of jodhpurs out there, like the draped pants that gives the impression of jodhpurs, narrowed at the hemline. As for colours, wear a lot of brick reds, burnt oranges, leafy greens and work with neutral colours on top. Now, since the focus is on the bottom, make sure you wear the right kind of footwear. Heels are a complete no no. While it comfortable indeed, many fashionistas believe that it a gutsy trend no less. Designer Pria Kataria Puri asserts, have to have a strong personality, besides being tall and slim to carry jodhpurs off. I feel it a risky trend because jodhpurs are classics, worn with bandhgalas for years now. But a contemporary twist can also be given to them. Men can wear them with safari jackets to look trendy. Linen safari jackets, white or black, with a T shirt or shirt underneath work well. Canvas laced up shoes, patent leather formal shoes, or formal chappals complete the style.
foothill water polo club What's making fashionistas don jodhpurs