usa polo team The bottom line on flip

marco polo menu The bottom line on flip

You may have heard that wearing flip flops is bad for you, but since it’s summer time you’re probably still wearing them anyway.

Snieder says that supportive footwear helps to align your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back. Appropriate shoes can protect your feet from glass or metal on the ground, from stubbing your toe and from direct impact if you drop something on your foot. And Snieder says close proximity to the ground also makes it more likely that you’ll pick up diseases such as athlete’s foot or staphylococcus. With flip flops, your feet are much more vulnerable and for some people,
usa polo team The bottom line on flip
like those with diabetes, that can pose a health problem.

Find one made of soft leather, which minimizes the chance of irritation or blisters.

Don’t wear flip flops nonstop all summer. Flip flops are great for the beach, the pool, or quick errands. They are not meant for hiking, playing sports, long days on your feet,
usa polo team The bottom line on flip
yard work or driving. A water shoe or sandal with straps across the heel and top of the foot are better choices than flip flops if you prefer the feel of the wind on your toes and you don’t need the protection of a running shoe or work boot.