mens long sleeve polo School picture day draws smiles

promo code for polo School picture day draws smiles

SHEFFIELD Although there were initially a few unhappy faces, there were plenty of big smiles for school picture day at West Fork’s Sheffield campus on Sept. 24.

The district’s 3 year old preschool class trickled into the gym turned photography studio, wearing their best clothes: thick, striped sweaters, crisp polo shirts, tiny cowboy boots, flowery dresses and glittery tennis shoes.

Perhaps it was due to nervousness, but first grader Asher Wiseman, 6, didn’t say much, other than he had some help with picking out his striped shirt, cargo shorts and Converse tennis shoes.

Classmate Sarah Ubben, 7, was a bit more talkative as she showed off her picture day attire: a chocolate brown long sleeved henley, jeans and sparkly purple, pink and blue Reeboks.

“I’m really excited,” she said.

Teachers helped smooth flyaway hairs and reminded their charges to stand up straight.

“With our group, you’re never sure what will happen,” said preschool para Rhonda Guerrerro. “There are sometimes a few tears, but the photographers are good at getting the kids to smile.”

When it was time to pose for photos, some little ones required hand holding, hugs and coaxing to draw out smiles. An additional distraction tactic, asking about pets or favorite characters from “Thomas the Tank Engine,” was instrumental in capturing grins.

West Fork’s Sheffield campus is one of 20 area schools Lifetouch has shot photos at this fall. About 70 schools remain, located in a territory spanning the upper half of the state.

“We do a lot of traveling and early mornings, but the job goes so fast and is so fun,” said Bev Mosher, who has been a Lifetouch photographer for almost 10 years.

Sometimes the little ones are “scared to death” of having their photo taken, but a quick inspection of the camera and touch screen monitor usually helps dispel nervousness, Mosher said.

Working with elementary students is a favorite, despite unpredictable behavior.

“I love the smiles and the cute things the students say,” said Judy Wiemann, who has eight years of experience with Lifetouch. “They’re just as sweet as can be.”
mens long sleeve polo School picture day draws smiles