polo ralph lauren boat shoes s Top 10 Rules For Business and Success

wholesale polo shirts men s Top 10 Rules For Business and Success

He an American fashion designer, philanthropist and business executive. He best known for founding a global mult billion dollar clothing empire that bears his name. Forbes estimates his net worth to be 8 billion dollars. He Ralph Lauren, and here are his top 10 rules for success.

Ralph Lauren???s Top 10 Rules For Business and Success

It started way back. I felt I had something to say. There were no fashion designers when I was growing up. The idea of fashion and what fashion has become today was very different. I was working. I was working in a job and I wasn sure who I was going to be.

I used to hang up returns in a department store when I was 16 years old, when I was still going to high school. Along the way, I felt that I had something to say that was different. No one believed me, of course. When I went to my boss and I said look, I like to design these ties I think they could be new, he said the world isn ready for Ralph Lauren.

I never forgot that, because even when he said that, the world isn ready for you, I thought that was a compliment. So what happens, fellow came along and said, Ralph, would you like to come with me? And I said I would, I like to start my own division.

Called it Polo, and they gave me a drawer in the Empire State Building. Not an office, but a drawer. I worked on the bottom of the drawer, and everyone in the office thought, who is this little kid working out of the drawer? And I took the samples, made these wide ties, and delivered them myself in a bomber jacket and jeans, and that how it went.

Rule 2: Trust Your Instincts

When I went to Bloomingdale the buyer said, we like your ties Ralph, but would you make them narrower? ??And would you, we don want to use your label, we want to use our own label. But we give you a really good order.

Now here I was, no business, and hungry, and I said to the buyer, I said, my heart in my throat, or whatever the expression is, I would love to sell Bloomingdale They were the hottest store, young, hot store, I said but, I can sell you. I closing my bag and I not going to sell you.

Six months later they called me back. And they said Ralph, we can find your ties anywhere and we want to buy them, and we want to put a rack in. Rack of ties amongst the other ties. That was it. The breakthrough was they bought it. And the breakthrough for me is that I learned to trust my instincts.

I learned to trust my own sense. the normal thing to do is say, I make it any way you want to. That how the world was, I want to sell you the ties, maybe I have a new fashion for you next year, let me buy it. My philosophy was that I loved these ties, I made them. They were not just a business to me, they were my voice to myself.

Rule 3: Do It Because You Feel It

Everything I always done has been for my own emotion and it was never done for a brand or a label, it because I feel it. And when you give it a title, then it sort of takes it away for me.

Rule 4: Aspire To Do Better

When I grew up, in terms of at that age, I don know if I had an identity, but I remember years ago, I don know why, there was a pair of suede shoes in the store, blue suede shoes. And it was before Elvis Presley had the song called Blue Suede Shoes.

On my way to school, I would pass the store that had these suede shoes and I said, I got to have those shoes, how am I going to get them? And every day after school I passed these shoes. It was ironic, I was not only thinking of clothes, I was really going out with girls, I was trying to look good, see what was sharp.

Interviewer: Did you finally get that pair of shoes?

I don think so, but I made them. What happened was later, I think they were inspirations. I think when you younger you have visions of what your life could be and I said earlier that movies and books open the world for you and so maybe those shoes represented something to me, I don know at the time.

They just looked great. Years later, I think I loved shoes and I been able to, I think in some levels, growing up, was the platform of things that I wanted as I got older. Instead of looking at a store, I say I want to make those shoes, but I can make them better.

On some levels, I had a very good childhood, and I had the clothes, at some levels, hand me downs. But as I grew up, I was inspired to see if I could do things that were better.

Rule 5: Follow Your Dream

I grew up in America, I had the same dreams that everyone else had. Started where I started. My dream was to have a nice house for my family, to have a nice car, to have my kids go to good schools, to do all the things that everyone wants. And as I got there, I was able to do that.

And as I worked harder, I was able to improve it. There was no miracle, there was no snap of the fingers. It was confidence, and I think confidence builds as you go on if you have a good success. Closing the door on Bloomingdale was at one point sort of crazy, and at the same time was amazingly powerful.

Rule 6: Be Consistent

Interviewer: Fashion is changing so fast, and competition is coming up every day with all these young designers. What has kept you going forward like this?

You just somehow, I always admired longevity. I admired people that were not of the only moment. People that can carry it on. They actors, there are musicians, there are people that came up in rock and roll and the great ones stayed.

Frank Sinatra lasted, the whole pile of names that, Paul McCartney and The Beatles, they didn last for five years or 10 years, they lasted for 40 years. I admired longevity and I admired consistency, and I admired the individuality of holding your own, standing and fighting for what you believe in.
polo ralph lauren boat shoes s Top 10 Rules For Business and Success