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Clothes Mentor is a new shop with its grand opening Thursday. Information provided by manager Kathleen Cronin. Maxx.)

Hours: Currently the store is just buying items; they will not be selling anything until the grand opening. You can go in and look around during the buy period and be ready for opening day.

Products: The store specializes in gently used women brand name clothing, shoes and accessories. It accepts clothing from size 0 to size 26. The store also sells maternity clothing. It does not accept junior size clothing. It only accepts even number sizes odd numbers (3, 5, 7, 9) are considered junior sizes. It will accept Walmart brand if it is in excellent condition or still has the tags on it. It does not accept anything that is too formal, and it favors average size purses, nothing too big.

What do you look at when inspecting an item to decide if you want to buy it? The store looks for brands that are less than two years old. We also look for items that are free of stains, tears, pilling, shrinkage, odor,
uniform polo shirts for women Savannah Morning News
discoloration, broken zippers and missing buttons. The item must also be current styles; current is considered items sold in stores one to two years ago.

How should clothing be brought in? Clothing should be off hangers and in a basket or bin.

How do you determine what you will pay for an item? A computer program allows the store to select the brand, type, and condition of the clothing and will return the price that the store will sell the item for. This is typically around a third of what it sells for at the mall and then they will pay you third of that price.

Is there anything special that you are looking to buy right now? Especially seeking shorts and capris, but still purchasing other items.

Favored purses: B Makowsky, Coach, Dooney Bourke, Gucci, Kate Spade, Louis Vuitton, Micahel Kors,
uniform polo shirts for women Savannah Morning News
Vera Bradley and many more.