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Officer Jake Bettin says, “That’s why we stress community involvement.”

Witnesses stepped forward and helped police with both the Harden and Domena cases but that is not always the case. Lendale Kyles and Xavon Watson were shot to death while they sat in a car in an apartment parking lot.

Investigators say people were out that evening and may be able to give police what they need to make an arrest. First they have to come forward.

Officer Jake Bettin says, “That’s the key to solving a lot of these homicides is that interaction with those who saw the crime happen or know details about these crimes and telling the right people.”

Rosemary and her neighbors did although they couldn’t save Harden.

Rosemary Harris says, “There was somebody else who came and pulled him you know pulled him off of him and said “come on get off of him you’re going to kill him.”

Police say there is a direct correlation between witnesses stepping forward and them putting murderers behind bars. They say even a small piece of evidence can be the scrap they need to break a case.
country polo shirts Omaha Homicides Spike