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According to police reports, after being read her rights, Hebda told police she bought large quantities of ice from another suspect ten to fifteen times.

Others cited during the investigation on non drug related charges include 19 year old Ivan Diaz and 23 year old Victor Esparaza Lemus.

Thursday night police made three more arrests in the case31 year old Grace I Morales of Valley, Nebraska, 21 year old Alfonso Soldana of Omaha and 51 year old Floyd D. Armstrong, also of Valley. Morales was changed with four counts of delivery of a controlled substance, possession with intent to deliver and criminal conspiracy.

Drug investigations require patience by officers in order to make so many arrests.

“A lot of these conspiracy cases take a long time,
hamlin polo boots Omaha Police Bust Meth Ring
” Omaha Police Lt. Darci Tierney said. “Weeks, months, sometimes even years to put together. It’s a lot of cooperation between different agencies, local, state, federal even sometimes, so they do take a lot of time to put together.”
hamlin polo boots Omaha Police Bust Meth Ring