polo diesel ous Curiosity pt 2

reebok polo shirts ous Curiosity pt 2

Fade In a mix of things that keep Sally Stojespal occupied in her time with Stark Industries. It’s not all super technology; she’s still bootstrapping herself up with various experiments and assignments on the practical side of things. The theory of blowing things up she gets from Columbia and some SHIELD training, actually blowing things up gets to happen in the place where it happens most.

Or in this case, looking over results from the latest tests and experiments she’d been working on. It does let her indulge the more affluent side of her education, namely sipping tea and letting Debussy play on the room’s entertainment system. ‘Badassium’ was certainly a very Stark name, but it’s something she’s still learning the properties of trying to find out why it won’t hold a sustained repulsor field for more than about sixty to sixty five seconds before overloading.

Not that she expects to find an answer; it had eluded Howard Stark for decades and had eventually been bypassed by Tony Stark for repulsor thrusters. Well she’ll at least prove that it doesn’t work after all. Again.

A cheerful voice breaks through the piano, as SIRIN quite literally chimes in. “Reminder! Get up to Mr. Stark’s room, your appointment time is almost here!” A verbal tic later, the AI adds something helpful. “At least he’s awake this time.”

“Thank you SIRIN.” She misses JARVIS’s british tones, but has a soft spot for the AI its history and creation with the cutting edge aircraft he’d built to take on Hydra backed opponents over Sokovia is something that she’ll never be thankful enough for other things. Setting aside the tea and paperwork, she reaches down to buckle on her shoes. “Please let Mr. Stark know I will be up momentarily, too.”

Okay. SHIELD business. in slacks, her driving shoes, and a Stark Racing polo shirt with her hair back in the everpresent hairband. Well, she doesn’t always have to look the part of a scary SHIELD agent. Time to meet the boss!

Mister Stark knows, weather Mister Stark cares is always up in the air.

The inventor himself sits in the room. One of his multitude of labs. His feet up on a desk, a drink that looks green and too healthy for words in one hand as he stares at a holoscreen infront of him. On it is a picture of Genosha, from a Satalite system of some sort.

He doesn’t even really look up when the elevator dings. Just smirks slightly.

He calls as he waves a hand, the picture spinning to zoom in on top of one of the mountains and a geothermal plant there.

this time she was good. NOT barging in! Sally makes her way from the elevator through the lab, glancing around at whatever might be on his mind. It’s almost a game she plays, a bit like looking at a half completed Escher drawing and trying to figure out whether it should be assembled with allen screws, or welded let alone what it’s suppose to be in the first place. Case in point that green drink. Is he doing vegetable juicing?

“Mr. Stark? Sorry to interrupt, sir.” Like a good bunny, she’ll make her way over to where he’s at, eyes finally settling on the picture of what looks like some sort of volcanic system. Maybe? It’s mountainous, and mechanical. “A, ah Word! “Geo thermal structure? Is this something new you are working on?” She adds a bit of a smirk to the last, wondering where it might be.

“May I?” Always the student, she’ll ask before settling in on a spare chair. “So.” She taps one toe against the floor for a moment trying to wonder just where to approach this from, and how to frame her question. Just ask, she decides. “Why? The trip to Genosha, sir. I admit I know little about the situation, though I was given some information since. But, why did you suddenly just Eyebrows furrow, not condemning just confused.

“I admit I ask as a SHIELD agent, I was assigned to find out why. Agent Coulson is in country right now, actually, and ah Ahem. “I was told to tell you he is ‘Supernanny mad.’ Especially with your choice of companions. I did speak to Sloane, though; she told me some of what happened.” What she could, anyway, which was mostly ‘suddenly there was tony and I blinked and I was in a jet with all these other people.’

no, this is something they had on Genosha. One of the mad mutants there, a really bad one, happened to try to turn it into a volcano and blow up the capitol. So I helped stop him.” Stark smirks slightly. “Totally worth it just for the scowl on Summer’s face. But I was just trying to figure out how the bastard did it. I think he was connected to the island somehow but shrugs.

“So many variables.” He waves a hand and the holoscreen dissipears before he spins back towards Sally and there is a look there for a moment that she doesn’t remember ever seeing on her employers face.

Eyes glittering, face a smile that doesn’t quite reach his gaze. Its gone an instant later as he stands with a slap of palms against his thighs. “Right. I bet he was. But waves his hand again and a new screen comes up. This one full of reports. Weapons reports. Of Stark Weapons bought and sold to Genosha over the years. Decades worth of them.

He shakes his head a moment. “Now I shouldn’t have brought Kamala or Sloane but did. So he can come here himself to yell at me about if he wants.”

right, the ersatz leader of the X men,
polo diesel ous Curiosity pt 2
at least as far as their operations head might be. If they have such an organization; the size of their group is not nearly so large as a single side branch of SHIELD. Well organizations work better than others, at that scale, Sally thinks. She can’t help the grin on her face when Stark admits to his reasons, as well as his accomplishment, and nods. “Absolutely that would be a bad one, yes. And Perhaps, something like how Sloane can control water?”

Inhumans, mutants, enhanced humans, metahumans, Wakandans, aliens, gods. Sometimes Tony’s right they ARE all cheating. Even if magic may only be sufficiently advanced technology, said technology can be downright mystifying when you try to examine it. “Variables indeed,” she mutters in agreement.

And then there is a shocked face, as Sally sits suddenly straighter as if for a moment she’s the target of that anger from a teacher, before it disappears. The screen of reports and documents appears, and she’ll reach out to draw the hologram stack over to her, if he lets her. This is more than just what Sloane knew about. This wasn’t just someone abusing some of Tony’s stolen hardware, this did you discover such things,” she asks, breath tight. It’s almost a whisper, flipping through the records. None of them look Stark’s own letterhead, but side groups, it seems. Covert transactions, the kinds of things she’d seen before working with SHIELD a specific terrorist group in particular. “This, these things is as if they had everything except the reactor technology and your suit designs.”

And most of it is weaponry. Yes, she was much younger when Stark had rescinded his previous corporate ways, but she’d still heard the news. It was hard not to, being the child of a military officer. The very thing that he’d promised to give up.

She can’t help a dark chuckle. “After this I suppose I would be ‘Supernanny mad’ as well. And, that is a little bit, but he was also concerned about the participation of Mr. Barnes and Dr. Foster, as well as Sloane and ”

Then she realizes just what name he’d said and it hits like a brick to the forehead. “Kamala?!”

Maximoff twins. Magnetos kids.” The inventor replies with a sigh and a shake of his head. “And yes. I verified everything before I went charging off like I do.” He swipes up his drink again, downing a long pull off it before he frowns towards her. “No they had more than that. Damn bastards reversed engineered almost everything I built and used it to springboard their tech decades ahead of everyone else. Harnesed slaved mutants with tech powers to help, they have full power armor. Hover cars. Giant robots, stable beam weapons,” He glances back towards the reports. “All because I didn’t know about it till now.”

A smirk at that. “So you see why I took Bucky and Jane.” A long pause. “Alright so they just showed up when I was leaving and I shoved them on the plane with Steve and I. Same with Sloane and Kamala. Who He glances back towards Sally. ” indeed on the plane. But she’s fine so don’t worry about it.”

twins? Magneto’s children? That’s a surprise, and she lets it show on her face. “Absolutely I see why you did what you did, but. Bozhe moy. Krasyvyy khvost Khoro.” She can’t help the not quite double blasphemy when Stark explains the situation in Genosha, espeically when he mentions the kinds of hardware that his work led to. Especially one that’s particularly personal. “Nekul’turni zlodiyi, these thieves. They completed flying cars.”

She’s not quite ‘Rusalka mad,’ but it’s still palpable. “I would have done the same in your shoes, sir. Especially that work, all of my effort. Suddenly, to be used like that. Though understand, as well, that this ‘Magneto’ himself appeared and ah the worst of the casualties.” The question of whether it was all a setup now, starting with his children it would not matter.

If it were her mother, or anyone else, they would have gone too. Sometimes a setup, an ambush,
polo diesel ous Curiosity pt 2
needs to be tripped anyways knowing it is coming certainly makes it more survivable.