polo ralph lauren online Olympic opening ceremony uniforms

ralph lauren polo cologne Olympic opening ceremony uniforms

Team USA is arriving at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies in preppy style fit for the tropics.

When the Rio Olympics kick off Friday Aug. will be decked in Ralph Lauren sportswear, from white denim jeans tapered at the ankle and patriotic T shirts to Polo Pony emblazoned navy blazers and red, white and blue striped boat shoes.

Accented with a decorative woven wrist strap, the look gives off almost a Brazil resort sensibility, says David Lauren, executive vice president of Ralph Lauren’s global advertising, marketing corporate communications. that relaxed and easy but also celebrates American colors, celebrates patriotism, but something that doesn feel too warm for the athletes. goal was to make Team USA feel comfortable, he says. lot of people, this is their first time walking in the Olympics, walking in an opening ceremony, being on TV. It incredible pressure and stress for an athlete. And so when they come up to our offices and we spend time with them, we really trying to understand what feels cool, what feels modern,
polo ralph lauren online Olympic opening ceremony uniforms
what makes them feel dressed up enough that they feel that they special, that they truly are an ambassador.”

A sketch of the Ralph Lauren men uniforms for the Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony.(Photo: Ralph Lauren)

Fittings are happening around the clock. When athletes arrive in Houston before the Games, their most recent measurements are taken. before that we building models and prototypes for different athletes, says Lauren. incredibly complicated. Lauren’s 16 tailors and two stylists have only eight hours to alter the athletes’ uniforms. “Obviously we want to be cutting edge stylistically when it comes to the Olympic Games,” says Olympic wrestler Jordan Burroughs, who won gold in London and will return to the Rio Games. He calls this year’s uniforms “very patriotic and representative of American culture.”

Does Burroughs own boat shoes, we wondered? don own a boat! he laughs. (Starting Friday, fans of the collection can own the uniforms, too. expectations are high. I expected to win again. And I expect myself to win, he says. partners and manufacturers. athletes and officials.

much of the (clothing) manufacturing has gone overseas, says Lauren. “We learning, and hopefully with each Olympics we helping to create more jobs and helping to create more product and it might inspire any other brands to do the same. (Photo: Ralph Lauren)

He added: “This will not only guarantee our Olympians have the best uniforms to wear, but also continues a bright future of stability and expansion for manufacturing in Rochester.”

So next week, expect a sea of fashion forward Olympians.

“I seen a number of extremely popular clothing brands creating Opening Ceremony outfits for some of the other delegations it almost become like a fashion show,
polo ralph lauren online Olympic opening ceremony uniforms
” says Burroughs. “And Ralph Lauren is one of the premiere brands worldwide. I think they put us into a place of comfort but high fashion.”