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This is not to say that I dislike the music, film, and television that are being celebrated. I am a huge pop culture fan and adore music and film. I spend probably more time and money than I should investing in my love for entertainment. It quite fair to say that my iPod and Netflix account are used and abused constantly.

It the pomp and circumstance surrounding all of the inanities obsessed over in Hollywood that I so dislike: the screech of the rabid fans lined up along the red carpet and the various network television hosts dishing on who dating who and who wearing whose latest fashions.

Ah, yes, red carpet fashion. I couldn care less.

All that being said, shortly following the tradition award season will be a show that I do care quite a bit about.

Little more than a week from now, the 2014 Winter Olympic Games will be kicking off in Sochi, Russia. Surprise, surprise, Sarah is looking forward to sports.

And with such a grandiose show, there is also much talk of fashion.

Our Canadian Olympic and Paralympic teams will once again be outfitted in gear from the Hudson Bay Company. It quite fitting; after all, HBC is the world oldest company, founded in 1670, and HBC fur traders made a living posted in the mostly unsettled Canadian wilderness and experienced harsh winters.

The Canadian Olympic Committee debuted its athletes uniforms last October to much praise. The standard red, white, and black colour scheme coupled with the ever present maple leaf and crests featuring a Canada goose,
embroidery polos Wetaskiwin Times
polar bear, and beaver. The designs are all very simple, basic even, but distinctly and identifiably Canadian.

In fact, whether outfitted by HBC or Roots as in years past, Canada is always a well dressed, classy looking team never garish, but always recognizable.

As a complete aside, the Norwegian curling team revealed its uniforms last week and every other rink might as well pack up, because these guys have won gold. The Norwegians took the 2010 Vancouver Olympics by storm when they took to the ice in diamond patterned golf pants in the typical Norwegian colours. The pants even had a Facebook fan page made in its honour and pants maker Loudmouth Golf had a sudden rush of orders for the same pants and couldn keep themselves stocked in diamond patterened pants for months after the event (I know because I tried to order a pair). This Olympics, the Norwegians are wearing a zigzag patterned outfit and it does my Norse heritage proud to see them continuing on to compete at the highest level but having a lot of fun along the way.

However, when the American Olympic team debuted their outfits last week, I can say the critics were all that impressed and neither was I.

The Yanks opening ceremony parade jacket looks like a Ralph Lauren polo pony vomited Old Glory over top a private school blazer. The navy cardigans are covered in a patchwork of stars, stripes, flags, and Olympic rings laid out with no semblance of order and enough to make you dizzy as your eyes try to organize the mess. for a fourth time, said sweater is a in the true sense of the word to make a collage that represents the American athletes who each have their own unique story to tell. You think at nearly $600 per jacket,
embroidery polos Wetaskiwin Times
you might get something that looked a little more chic than something your grandma might have knitted together while swinging on the porch swing sipping a mint julep.