polo sweater vests What do teenage boys wear to school these days

polos boots What do teenage boys wear to school these days

If your teenage boys are dressing like gangbangers or Little Somalians, and you do not know that adult males also dress this way, you’ve never worked in a men’s prison. Underwear is acceptable as outerwear with these guys. You are, by buying into this trend, sending a message. Don’t let your children unknowingly (or without your full understanding) spread this trend! This goes for young girls wearing dental floss for underwear as well. Why do little girls (this includes teenagers) need to dress as though they slither around pole for a living? Can’t kids just be kids?

PS this is for boys as you mentioned you had a son!

Preppy: (Dress rich and coservative) Boys usually wear bright colors, and almost always wear polo style shirts, often with their collars up, or popped! They usually wear khakis or cargo pants. Depending on how conservative, some tuck their shirts in. ALWAYS wear belts, accompanied by matching loafers or boat shoes. Shop at AF,macy’s, aeropostale, and american eagle.

Jock (Simialir to preppy, but more sports oriented) Usually wear their letterman jackets and a shirt with sports logo on it. When not wearing this, usually wear polos like tge preps, but usually wear jeans and don’t tuck in their shirts. Wear athletic shoes, shop almost anywhere!

Goths (Dress in black, and vintage clothes) Wear all black for starters, usually wear black jeans, no belt, black LONG sleeve shirts (Bare arms aren’t popular with goths) and black converse, or other all black shoes. Shop at thrift stores, hot topic, Pacsun.

Emos (Dont have to cut themselves, lol, simialir to goths) wear everything a goth does, but red is often used, and wear fishnet sleeves. Shop at goth stores.

Scene (Music oriented goths) Wear vintage band tees, dark jeans,
polo sweater vests What do teenage boys wear to school these days
black shoes, and sometimes a black beanie. Shop at goth stores, but order alot of tees online or at thrift stores.

Indie (Anti media inspired who like art and music, culturally inspired) Wear band tees, jeans and a coat of some sort. NEVER EVER wear clothes advertising something, except for band tees. Shop anywhere you find these!

So, hope this works for you, let your kid be who he wants to be, if you don’t approve of one, DO NOT discourage him as he may feel upset, and will want to wear this style longer, as it is likely just a phase. But always encourage your son to dress well, the preppy style is very good as it prepares them for how to dress as a young man, goth inspired usually gives a nice appreciation of fashion, and indie is good for a mature mind!

Heya’ I’m in Hiqhschool I qotta sayy Awhh yeaa’ All them quyss be wearinqq dheree jeans loww ; Buh it’s cutte x33′ I say dhaat yo’ son should wear designerr clothees ; Lieek Hollister , Abercrombiee , True Religion jeans , Levii’s are relee cuute if dheey sagg . (: Lmao’ Parents prolly dont lieek dhaat tho. Usually football players , . Mostly peoplee who play any sport at all . (for quys). Not to be racist , dhiis is just the truthh ; But it’s usually Mexican socials Asian socials who wear all thiis ^^ Hopee dhiis k i n d a helps yuhrr sonn :33 Lol . Aiitee i’m out . {;

Fashion has changed a lot in my High school. When I say the boys actually care about what they look like, I mean they really care about what they look like. The biggest thing is Ralph Lauren shirts and the latest Jordan’s, and Nike. They’re trying to go for that, “I have expensive taste.” look.

Some of them still do that “Gangsta” thing, with the pants down low where I can see their Hollister boxers. Not cool!

I haven’t noticed what kind of pants they were, but it’s usually cargo pants. One thing about my school is we l to match. Matching is very important! Your shoes must match your shirt and your hat (if you’re wearing one).
polo sweater vests What do teenage boys wear to school these days