volkswagen polo USA parade uniforms include touch of the American frontier

northwood water polo USA parade uniforms include touch of the American frontier

NEW YORK (AP) Polo Ralph Lauren unveiled Team USA Olympic parade uniforms Monday and social media haters can leave the ugly sweater jokes back in Sochi.

Roundly mocked in 2014 for a chaotic, patchwork cardigan sweater, the brand went classic red, white and blue this time around for the opening ceremony and white for the closing parade of athletes in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Both have a cozy bit of technology built in to keep athletes extra warm.

Athletes will be treated to stretchy skinny jeans and a far less busily designed sweater for opening, with a stretch knit pant think structured sweat pant for closing. The jeans have moto inspired seaming. Accessories include a navy wool ski hat and USA themed navy bandanna. On the athletes feet will be brown suede mountaineering boots with red laces for the outdoor opening.

And then there are the gloves. They more Ralph than Ralph himself, a Western style in suede with fringe in rawhide brown and decorated in hand beaded Olympic rings and an American flag. They lined in white and fit over the wrists. Warm, yes. Yee haw! Lasso not included.

David Lauren, the youngest son of the brand namesake and the company chief innovation officer, was proud of the technology for the tri colored parkas in mostly navy blue and the bombers for the end of the Winter Games.

In a process developed exclusively for the brand, the heating system is made of electronic printed conductive inks in silver and black in the shape of an America flag and bonded to the interior backs of the jackets, he said. Athletes can control basic settings using their cellphones for up to five hours of heat on high and up to 11 hours on low, fully charged.

A limited number were released for sale to fans and were selling quickly, Lauren said. All garments are American made.

season we learn from the athletes, Lauren said. work very closely with them, where we find out what makes them comfortable as they walking out on this amazing stage in front of the entire world.
volkswagen polo USA parade uniforms include touch of the American frontier