water polo net Upshift Swap still in gear following SUV crash into store

red polo boots Upshift Swap still in gear following SUV crash into store

After the crash, the front was boarded up with plywood and then Stephanie Hagens, a local fashion illustrator, answered Leno’s Facebook plea for an artist to paint a colorful mural. The mural will be moved in the coming weeks to the inside of the store once contractors begin permanent repairs to the storefront, something that should be completed in about two weeks, Leno said.

Upshift isn’t the only small business in recovery mode.

A faulty lithium ion battery in an electronic bike may have been the cause of an April 15 fire at his shop that caused about $350,000 damage, most of that to about 105 bikes.

The business remains open but is operating out of a small adjacent storefront. Bikes are moved out of the small temporary quarters each day into tents outside the store. About 40 of the 80 bikes that were salvaged are still for sale, with Mattioli using tongue in cheek marketing slogans like “soot yourself on a new bike” and “best barbecued bikes.”

The business, which never closed because of the fire, could be back in its original space by the end of the month once reconstruction is completed.

“We’ve tried to keep it light,” Mattioli said. “We’re doing our best to sell but it’s not easy.”

Last June, a deer crashed through a window of the store. No one was hurt and the deer fled.

Leno said she’d seen news stories about vehicles driving into buildings but as a small business owner, never considered it a possibility for her store. After all, there’s rent to worry about, insurance, staff, shoveling the sidewalk, making sure the store is well stocked, social media posts and myriad other things to tend to.

“Even when I retell the story, it’s surreal,” said Leno, a native of Duluth, Minnesota. “I still can’t believe weeks later that it actually happened.”

Unfortunately, the mishap occurred in the middle of the store’s busiest time of the year, which is March, April and May. And some of her customers have avoided the store thinking it has been closed. on Sundays.

“At the end of the day, we’re really happy with how things are going,” Leno said.

Clothing store to open on State Street: The construction of a building for a 15,000 square foot Under Armour store is underway at 610 State St., and another clothing store aimed at the college crowd will open this week across the street.

Tailgate Clothing Co. was founded by designer and Iowa State University graduate Todd Snyder in 1997. In 2014, he opened a retail location in Iowa City. Snyder is a former designer for Polo Ralph Lauren, was the director of menswear for the Gap, a senior vice president of Menswear at J. Crew and in 2012 he was named GQ’s 2012 Best New Menswear Designer.

But in November, Snyder’s company was purchased by American Eagle for $11 million, a move that will allow for the addition of dozens more stores across the country. The Madison store is just the second in the Tailgate brand and will open Wednesday on the ground floor of the Hub Madison, next door to the Colectivo Coffee shop at the corner of N. Frances and State streets.

“Joining a leading American retailer is an exciting step for our brands and provides a strong foundation for future growth,” Snyder said in November. “Our new Tailgate store concept is an ideal outlet to integrate (American Eagle) jeans and apparel, creating a unique lifestyle destination on college campuses.”

Oak Creek or the Chicago burbs? For those who enjoy assembling their own furniture after noshing on Swedish meatballs, the announcement last week that IKEA would build a store in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek created a buzz even here in Madison.

It will mark the first store in Wisconsin for the mega retailer and eliminate traffic headaches, tolls and some drive time for those used to going to IKEA in Schaumburg, Illinois. And, one can only hope the new store won’t be located in a maze of frontage roads that can send a GPS into freeze mode, like that of the Schaumburg store.

The time and mileage savings once the Oak Creek store opens won’t be insignificant, but it’s not as great as one might think. According to Mapquest, from the state Capitol, the 123 mile trip to the IKEA in Schaumburg takes 2 hours and 14 minutes. The 84 miles to the Oak Creek store near Interstate 94 and West Drexel Avenue can be covered in 1 hour and 42 minutes. But shoppers from Janesville will save just one mile and one minute if they choose Oak Creek over Schaumburg.
water polo net Upshift Swap still in gear following SUV crash into store