womens short sleeve polo shirts Wendi Deng gets intimate with Bertold Zahoran

mit water polo Wendi Deng gets intimate with Bertold Zahoran

Wendi Deng has been pictured partying on a yacht with her 21 year old model lover four years after splitting from billionaire ex husband Rupert Murdoch.

The 49 year old entrepreneur could be seen enjoying a glass of wine with Bertold Zahoran on the Caribbean holiday island on Wednesday.

Deng and Zahoran listened to a performance by American singer Jimmy Buffett and were pictured standing on the yacht’s deck next to formerBeatles frontman Sir Paul McCartney.

It comes a year after the couple were spotted together strolling hand in hand on a beach on the same island.

The Chinese American entrepreneur (right) was wearing a grey and yellow mini tube dress for the occasion while Zahoran wore a simple t shirt

Wendi split from ex husband Rupert Murdoch in 2013 after 14 years of marriage. At the time, Rupert, 86, cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

There were reports at the time claiming he had grown suspicious of his wife’s relationship with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair the godfather of their daughter Grace.

Details of their divorce settlement were sealed, but it was revealed that Wendi got to keep the couple’s three story Fifth Avenue apartment in New York after the split.

Meanwhile Rupert went on to find love with model Jerry Hall, with the pair tying the knot last year. It was the fourth marriage for the CEO of News Corp.

From a village in Hungary to the catwalks of New York: The extraordinary rise of Wendi Deng’s toyboy lover

Wendiraised more than a few eyebrows when she was first photographed strolling hand in hand on a Caribbean beach with Zahoran.

It was not so much their age difference, but her choice of a man who was little known outside the fashion industry.

Zahoran, from a village in Hungary, also happens to be 64 years junior to Deng’s former husband who is one of the most recognisable names in the world.

Deng and Zahoran went public with their romance when a photo of the couple standing together on the island of St Barts was published on his Instagram account much to the delight of his 24,000 followers.

The couple had spent the New Year together along with her two daughters after Zahoran jetted in from spending Christmas with his family in Hungary.

The romance, which began last May, has been the talk of fashion circles and among the power players in New York.

Deng and Zahoran, who also lives in New York, are thought to have been introduced by friends and were first pictured at a party thrown by supermodel Naomi Campbell.

They later dressed up as ghouls for a Hallowe’en party with the photo appearing on Zahoran’s Instagram page.

But while Zahoran continues to grace the covers of glossy magazines and on fashion catwalks in his meteoric rise, MailOnline revealed in January that he only decided to make a career in fashion two years ago after failing to realise his childhood dream of playing basketball in the American NBA league.

In an exclusive interview his mother, Varga who is three years younger than Chinese born Deng revealed his dream of emulating his basketball heroes ended when he realised he was not good enough.

Ladies in his life: Zahoran is close to his sister Kitti, left and his mother Varga, right, who works as a temp for a transport company in Mezobereny, Hungary, where he grew up. Varga raised Zahoran and his sister on her own after divorcing their father when they were young At the end 2015 Zahoran posted on Instagram that he was ‘with the two most important women in my life’ mommy sis love eight months before he met Deng

‘From an early age Bertold wanted to be a basketball player and compete in the NBA league. His heroes were Michael Jordan and other players,’ Varga told MailOnline from her home in the town of Mezobereny.

She divorced Zahoran’s father when her son was a baby and brought up him and his sister Kitti up on her own.

‘When he was about 17 he said he was not strong enough or tall enough to make it in the league,’ she said. ‘By then modelling opportunities were presenting themselves and he decided to take them.’

He never thought he would be a model but of course people when they see him in magazines tell me how handsome he is. I am of course very proud.

Zahoran’s mother Varga

Varga said her son was a very good boy: ‘He was always very well behaved and was no trouble. From an early age he kept his body in good shape and enjoyed working out.

‘Physically he is good looking, but all mothers would say that about their son. I wouldn’t say he was very aware about his looks.

‘He never thought he would be a model but of course people when they see him in magazines tell me how handsome he is. I am of course very proud.’
womens short sleeve polo shirts Wendi Deng gets intimate with Bertold Zahoran