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Since less than a minute has passed since the alarm was turned off, it was set for 8:31

At 0:56 1:01 Jay appears to be trying to get his bearings. Probably wondering where he was. The cause of this, the nature of the object, its significance are completely unknown, the incident has never been commented upon. Zeta Kai

I thought this at first as well, but looking at it frame by frame, it is clearly just Jay’s hand with keys in it right in front of the camera, which is why it was never commented on.

Anyone have any guesses on what the sound at 1:25 may be? I am guessing it is the phone being taken off the receiver.

I find it intriguing that the laptop is open and powered on. This is because I always turn my laptop off before going to sleep. I would assume others do the same thing, but I may be wrong. Assuming Jay does the same as I, then it would make sense that the computer was intentionally left on to draw attention to it.

In the last entry someone commented that the operator could see through cameras, would that explain the camera strapped to him. Maybe the operator was trying to see what jay was going to go. IsaacChai
plaid polo shirts Marble Hornets