polo business shirts Mall traffic up for season

design a polo Mall traffic up for season

Mild weather brought in shoppers, but they didn’t buy winter gearWith new stores like H and Francesca’s at Golden Triangle Mall, traffic and spending were up at the mall this holiday season, though individual retailers offered mixed reviews on their sales.

Stores like Francesca’s, which sells women’s clothing and jewelry, were top performers in the Dallas Fort Worth market, said Matt Ludemann, the mall’s manager, but some others didn’t meet sales expectations for the year.

“I would say based on numbers our traffic was up a little bit, but it just seemed like people shopping were spending more than they had in the past,” Ludemann said.

“It also seemed like they were shopping for more usable items like clothing and cosmetics and shoes the stuff they were going to use. The kind of impulse purchases weren’t as big of a deal this year.”

Traffic peaked the Saturday before Christmas, he said, and he anticipates high traffic will continue as people return and exchange gifts.

Local retailers outside of the mall also had mixed reviews, with some stores doing well and others falling short of last year’s numbers.

Recycled Books Records CDs owner Don Foster said the store did “significantly” better than last year, crediting an increase of traffic on the Square and good weather for walking around downtown.

“So many people are on the Square these days for one thing, and word gets around about us,
polo business shirts Mall traffic up for season
I guess,” Foster said. “We sold a lot of records, a lot of CDs and DVDs, and of course tons and tons of books.”

While the traffic wasn’t crazy enough to warrant bringing in additional staff, Foster said the store did purchase a second credit card machine to keep the lines moving.

In turn, the warmer weather hurt stores like Weldon’s Saddle Shop, which stocks a lot of outdoor apparel, said Kippie Wilkinson, the store’s manager.

“We’re thinking maybe it was the weather being so nice that people weren’t in the Christmas mood,” she said. “And it was hard to sell winter clothing and coats.”

Big sellers at the shop this year were hats, boots and Bell Oak leather goods, which are crafted inside of the store. December was a better month for the store than it’d had in the fall months, but fell short compared with last holiday season, Wikinson said.

“The clothing industry is horrible right now,” she said. “We saw it coming within the last year, so we’re more focused on the hats and boots and leather goods.”

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polo business shirts Mall traffic up for season