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brown polo Main Line Police Report

Easttown: Elderly pedestrian hit by car in parking lot : Police got a report that a 78 year old woman was hit by a car as another driver was pulling into a lot at Surrey Services on Bridge Avenue in Berwyn Nov. Officers say the car nudged the woman, making her fall.

According to police, the woman was taken to Paoli Hospital. There was no more information on her condition. Police did not believe the woman was badly injured.

They said officers were called to the scene on the report of a dispute over a parking spot. When they arrived the first time, both parties were told to have no contact with one another. A couple of hours later police were back and Gratz was cited.

of drum set

Police were planning on citing Andrew Brenner, 29, of Berwyn in connection with a theft of a drum set Wednesday, Nov. 10.

According to police, Brenner admitted to stealing the drum set from a family member and selling it to a pawn shop in Upper Darby. He was going to be cited when he reported to court for the theft of a car from a family member that was reported in last week’s Main Line Suburban Life.

of car

Police got a report of an attempted theft of a car at the Devon Train Station Nov. 5.

According to police, the owner of the car parked at the station and when she returned several hours later the steering mechanism in the car was damaged as if someone tried and failed to start it.

Money has been reported stolen from a number of vending machines at Villanova University. An internal investigation is ongoing. on Nov. 3. on Nov. 1. from vehicles

A trailer hitch and lock were stolen from a truck parked behind St. Mary’s Hall at Villanova University over the night of Nov. 4.

A resident of Harrow Circle in Wayne reported a theft from her car during the night of Nov. 6. Taken from the unlocked car were a pair of sunglasses and loose change. 6. A phone charger and loose change were taken. Clare Hall at Villanova University over the night of Nov. Morejon, 21, of New Jersey was charged with DUI after hitting an iron fence in a parking lot at Villanova University.

Dustin J. DiMauro, 26, of Maryland was charged after being found asleep at the wheel of his car Nov. Kaplan, 24, of Chester Springs was cited for having an open container of alcohol on the sidewalk Nov. on Conestoga Road in Bryn Mawr.

Christopher J. Catarino,
t shirt polo Main Line Police Report
20, of New Jersey was cited for underage drinking Nov. 5 in the 100 block of West Lancaster Avenue in Wayne.

Four people were cited for underage drinking Nov. in the 100 block of Lancaster Avenue in Wayne. They are Hannah E. Murray, 20, of Minnesota, Julia K. Arduini, 19, of Connecticut, Jonathan R. Albert, 19, of Maine, and Kathleen C. in the 500 block of East Lancaster Avenue in St. Davis, 20, of Wayne and Patrick F. West, 19, of New Jersey were cited for underage drinking Nov.
t shirt polo Main Line Police Report