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I Saw It on WAVE 3I Saw It on WAVE 3More>>Get the weather app from the WAVE 3 News Storm Tracking TeamGet the weather app from the WAVE 3 News Storm Tracking TeamPosted: Monday, July 18 2016 1:06 PM EDT2016 07 18 17:06:34 GMTUpdated: Sunday, March 11 2018 5:55 PM EDT2018 03 11 21:55:06 GMTThe WAVE 3 News Storm Tracking Team is proud to announce a full featured and rebuilt weather app for Apple and Android devices.The WAVE 3 News Storm Tracking Team is proud to announce a full featured and rebuilt weather app for Apple and Android devices.Girl battling cancer needs your help collecting firefighter patchesGirl battling cancer needs your help collecting firefighter patchesUpdated: Monday, March 5 2018 4:40 PM EST2018 03 05 21:40:25 GMT”What I think I feel good about is that some people don’t appreciate firefighters and paramedics like they should and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it, ” says Mileena Painter.”What I think I feel good about is that some people don’t appreciate firefighters and paramedics like they should and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to do it, ” says Mileena Painter.LIST: St. Patrick’s Day Parade street closuresLIST: St. Patrick’s Day Parade street closuresUpdated: Friday,
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March 9 2018 11:24 PM EST2018 03 10 04:24:44 GMTThe parade will begin at Baxter and Broadway before traveling down the Baxter/Bardstown Road corridor.The parade will begin at Baxter and Broadway before traveling down the Baxter/Bardstown Road corridor.MUGSHOTS: LMPD’s Most Wanted SuspectsMUGSHOTS: LMPD’s Most Wanted SuspectsTake a look at LMPD’s most wanted suspects. Call the anonymous LMPD Tip Line at 502 574 LMPD (5673) if you have any information on the whereabouts of any of these suspects.The following individuals are currently wanted by the Louisville Metro Police Department as of March 5, 2017. If you have any information on any of the individuals listed please contact the anonymous LMPD Tip Line at 502 574 LMPD (5673).The following individuals are currently wanted by the Louisville Metro Police Department as of March 5, 2017. If you have any information on any of the individuals listed please contact the anonymous LMPD Tip Line at 502 574 LMPD (5673).SLIDESHOW: This week’s adorable, adoptable pets from KHSSLIDESHOW: This week’s adorable, adoptable pets from KHSEach week the Kentucky Humane Society is sharing photos of their adoptable pets. Take a look at these adorable cats and dogs.Each week the Kentucky Humane Society is sharing photos of their adoptable pets. Take a look at these adorable cats and dogs.LIST: Best Fish Sandwich In Town?LIST: Best Fish Sandwich In Town?Back by popular demand is our best fish sandwich in town list. Now that the season is upon us, find a top sandwich in your neighborhood.
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embroidered polo shirts for women i know the sun’s still shinin’ when i close my eyes

and i nobody without someone like youI know. A really, really long day, but well worth it. There was a lotta people there. And some really awesome bands throughout the day. This band Soulstice played last. The lead singer was very Dave Matthews esque, right down to the way he danced on stage and his overwhelming good looks. This random groupie brought these giant ass hula hoops that were seriously as tall as I am, and I had some fun with one of those. (I wish I could link to them from my skool webpage, but turns out the organization doesn have a page, yet. to be remedied next year.) We were there for five hours. It was really exhausting. For those of you who don already know, I got the position. ($3000 scholarship!) I the National Communications Coordinator. I basically be organizing and planning the next two leaderships we go to. That makes me many shades of happy. Matt one of those people who like, the more I learn about him, the more I like him. His taste in music sucks, but other than that he neat. Great, even. The best part is, even if I study my ass off for that stupid class, I still fail the damn tests/labs/quizzes/exams. Black jellybean, that it. But now I really think differently. Like, I really want to live near my family after I graduate. We not all that big; I mean, there not too many of us. Most of it is 80 anyway. I really upset, though, I wanted to put a buncha kick ass songs on there, but the mp3s were all effed up. The CD still good, though. Don you wish you were here so you could get a copy, too out Matt doesn have a crush on me. He in luff with me. Which is, apparently, ten times better than having a crush. His away message says, “I not here this second,
polo club tallahassee i know the sun's still shinin' when i close my eyes
but don go anywhere, I be black.” That so incredibly funny to me. I excited to see how everything turns out. Our hall council (along with the other HCs and the housing office,) has worked really hard for months on this. I hope everything goes well. It s be hot as hell tomorrow. It was really fun. I totally workin the Pat Val combination. I can tell if it working or not, yet, but I think it is. Pat way hot, and so is Val, so I think we on our way with the new cutest couple ever. (To replace the couple downstairs that so isn the cutest couple ever.)I finally got to see Almost Famous tonight. I see what all the hype was about. Unlike American Beauty, I thought AF was well worth the hullaballoo. I really enjoyed it. I guess I go to sleep, even though I totally not tired. but that wedding ring as ugly as your husband is to you. mmToday really wasn that great. I failed my math test that I thought I would do okay on. Fucking inverse functions. Whatever. Bal told me someone picked a fight with her. That someone is so on thin ice with us. I think half the floor went; it was pretty cool. The hot wire boys were leaving one of the other halls right as we were leaving, and we heckled them some. Then we heckled on the road. That was especially fun. Stites was really embarrassed. That, of course, made Amanda and I be even louder, we have no shame. Stites gets embarrassed too easily. She learn. So, then I was having this really good ice cream and my tooth broke. Mmmhmm, just chipped right off. It really pissed me off. I think my dentist engineered my fillings shit so that they would break my teeth so he would get more money somewhere down the line. He sucks. Actually, he doesn He really cool. Given that I haven really hung out with him much in the past two days, it was really good. We went for a walk then went to get a late dinner for him. The nice boy at KFC has a little crush on me (or so I think in my world,) and thus gave us 4 biscuits and 6 pieces of chicken. It was really cool. I think maybe it was God trying to show me what it been like for Val the last month or two, being in the middle of Amanda and I. Val slammed the door in my face, even though she was really pissed at Man. That sucked. Mostly itchy, but my breathing is weird. Maybe Andreas got me sick. My eyes have also been really sensitive lately.

26 Apr

2319 hrs

I like to take this opportunity, first of all to say thanks to Sara for lending me this web space, and secondly, to tell you that Colorado has got to be the weakest state on the map. Seriously.

Here why:1. Mountain time What the fuck is that Get with the program, people. Observe EST. It the true code of the ninja that will bring honor unto your household.

2. The Rocky Mountains ain shit. The Appalachians would straight up open a can on that ass, if they even wanted to bother with your sorry ass mountain chain.
polo club tallahassee i know the sun's still shinin' when i close my eyes

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By any sense of the imagination, it should be primarily populated by Vikings who have a side gig working at Jamba Juice. Instead, it’s a legitimately fascinating commercial marvel staffed by congenial midwesterners.At one point, I ducked into a Nike store for less than a minute. During that time, four people greeted me and asked how I was doing. A fifth wished me a nice day as I tried to quietly slink out without buying anything and staring at the ground because that’s what people in Massachusetts do.When I left the mall later that night, it was 20 degrees and snowing with a strong wind. People in a place this cold have no business being this nice. It’s weird. I miss being surrounded by surly New Englanders.Yet, here I am for the rest of this week as MassLive prepares for its Super Bowl coverage. Initially, I didn’t think I’d really get a chance to visit Mall of America since we’re usually a little short on personal time during work trips.Oh no. That’s not how things went at all. It turns out that most of the media activity is operating out of this giant complex of stores, atriums and mini golf courses including interviews with New England Patriots players.So yeah, it turns out that I just live in Mall of America now. I spent about 16 hours there on Tuesday.So, welcome to my house. It’s a mall, it’s wonderful and I’m never leaving.What is Mall of America? It’s basically the opposite of Soviet Russia.If I ever found myself in a spot where I had to fight the ghost of Joseph Stalin, I’d do it right at the top of the Spongebob roller coaster in the Mall of America theme park. The capitalist spirit would give me to the power to roundhouse kick him clear across into the American Girl Boutique Bistro.That would place things right next to one of the dozen or so coffee shops in here. It’d also be right next to the giant LEGO store, the aquarium and one of the two Orange Juliuses. (Or is it Orange Julii?)Mall of America has every mall store you’ve ever heard of, some you haven’t and a bunch that I’m still convinced aren’t real stores.Here’s a journey through the last building you’ll ever need to enter, because sunlight is overrated and it’s too far to walk back to the hotel in the cold.It turns out that, not only are the Patriots doing their interviews in Mall of America, they’re also staying at the JW Marriott that’s attached to it. And it turns out that, no, they’re not all getting room service.Kevin Duffy and I discovered this as we walked through the food court this week and noticed that just about half of the entire Patriots defense was grabbing Chick Fil A for dinner. Safety Duron Harmon walked by with a delicious looking milkshake as we realized that A) both we and the players are both trapped here all week, B) Harmon can eat whatever he wants because that dude is ripped, and C) I really wanted a chicken sandwich and a milkshake.
polo boots for sale I explored Mall of America so you don't have to

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water polo team Huskers honor Foltz with season

[Drew Brown]”We’ve played these guys in the past,” senior wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp added. “Two years ago, we went there. They’re always a good team. They’re always extreme competitors and from a defense point of view they are fast.”

They were, indeed.

All that holding true, Fresno State head coach Tim DeRuyter started more quarterbacks last year (four) than he won games (three). And yet, for the entire first half, his club not only hung around with the Cornhuskers, but stretched them to their limits.

Ultimately, however, Nebraska finished enough second half drives to leave Week 1 with a 43 10 win, wrapping up a three game series against Fresno State that began in 2011. The win is Nebraska’s 30th consecutive against Mountain West opponents, and 35th in 37 all time meetings.

“We just have to be better than that,” Riley said after the win, referencing the 80 yards in penalties his team amassed. The Cornhuskers have produced at least 80 yards in penalties in half of their games since Riley took over.

“There’s lots of stuff that has to change,” Riley said. “Sometimes you feel like you can’t make a good play without a celebration penalty, which is silly to me.”

But, of course, considering the circumstances, the night was much more than a football game for many. Sam Foltz, the incumbent starting punter, reigning Big Ten punter of the year, and widely respected special teams leader, died in a car crash less than two months ago.

Those wounds are still raw. Who knows when the callouses will come.

A product of Greeley, Nebraska a town of hundreds, not thousands, Foltz walked on in Lincoln rather than accept a scholarship to another school, committed himself to punting. He earned a scholarship and became the most feared leg in the Big Ten Conference. Few have embodied the ethos of the Nebraska football team quite like Foltz. Even fewer were as outwardly proud to represent the program.

Saturday night, then,
polo cap Huskers honor Foltz with season
became an open memorial for 90,013, an often overwhelming tribute for the man who graduated in May with a degree in agronomy.

A standing memorial for Foltz was placed in a highly trafficked spot in the northwest corner of Memorial Stadium. Tens of people wore custom made shirts and raised self drawn signs. One boy, two hours before kickoff, asked his father where Foltz had gone. His father didn’t respond, letting the moment float.

A piece of corn was laid nearby. Written in black sharpie was “RIP27” and two words: “Dream Big.”

Inside the stadium, pre recorded video segments blared loudly over the stadium’s movie theater like scoreboard and accompanying speakers. Sam Hahn, another of Foltz’s close friends, a fellow agronomy major from DeWitt, calmly stared at the camera and proudly announced he was “from Smalltown, USA,” a nod to his buddy.

“I think about him at random times all the time,” Hahn said earlier in the week, “but it’s never really caused me to lose focus too much. It did at the beginning of camp a little bit a few days. I’ll probably think about him before the game a little bit and maybe during that first punt, stuff like that. But at the same time you have a job to do and you have to do it, and that’s what he’d want.”

Drew Brown, one of Foltz’s best friends on the team and the starting kicker who was in Wisconsin, working the same camp when the fatal crash occurred brought out Foltz’s No. 27 uniform to the sidelines during pregame kicks. He held it up for the student section to see; they clapped and roared in return. Some wept.

“It was special because the kickers, the punters and the snappers are always the first ones on the field for warmup, and me and Spencer (Lindsay) carried Sam’s jersey,” Brown said. “It was a cool thing because he was always one of the first guys out on the field with us and we just felt it was right to carry his jersey. They set up his locker with his pads and shoes and everything, me and Spencer just felt that his jersey should be out there with us just like he was watching over our head.”

The game was Brown’s 27th as a college football player. Rain came down in sheets, splattering on the metal seats, wetting the turf.

A short while later, he stood by his family as he received the the inaugural Sam Foltz Memorial Scholarship. Foltz’s family members stood with him, too.

He later played catch with Foltz’s nephews on the sidelines, smiling as they threw their body weight into passes.
polo cap Huskers honor Foltz with season

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polo slip on shoes men Husker Softball Team Signs Seven for 2012

“The 2012 class is an offensively explosive group with power, speed and the ability hit for average. They all have storied histories of their offensive prowess. In addition to the offensive punch they have, they also handle the leather well behind the plate, on the dirt and in the grass.

“Pitching also highlights this class, as the Huskers are bringing in two pitchers in the same class for the first time in the last several years. Both pitchers are battle tested and have had success against many of the nation’s elite club programs.

Alicia Armstrong, INF/OF, Beatrice, Neb. (Beatrice HS/Nebraska Gold)A three sport star, Alicia Armstrong completed her senior softball season at Beatrice High School last month by leading the Lady Orange to a Class B state runner up finish. She was named the honorary captain of the Lincoln Journal Star’s Super State team for her efforts, capping her career with four all state awards and two appointments to the Super State and Omaha World Herald All Nebraska teams.

Armstrong also left her mark on the Nebraska high school record book. She posted a .514 career batting average, the highest mark in Nebraska high school history regardless of class and the highest mark in Class B history, eclipsing the previous record of .500 set by current Husker senior Nikki Haget. Armstrong batted .690 in her senior season, becoming the first player in Nebraska high school history to bat .600. She smashed the previous single season record of .595.

She also set the Class B state record for career runs scored (153) and tied the record for career home runs (20). In addition to her six state records, Armstrong set 16 school records. She finished her distinguished career with a .514 batting average, 20 home runs, 31 doubles and seven triples.

In her senior season in 2011, Armstrong earned recognition as honorary captain of the Super State team. She batted .690 with 69 hits, eight doubles, four triples, 27 RBIs, 46 runs scored and 32 stolen bases. Her 69 hits and 46 runs scored were both school records, breaking the marks from her junior season.

As a junior in 2010, Armstrong batted .556 with 33 RBIs, a school record nine home runs, 60 hits and 41 runs scored. Armstrong tied the Class B state record with two home runs in one game, while she also posted a 17 game hitting streak.

Armstrong excelled as a freshman and sophomore for the Lady Orange. She was the only freshman on the 2008 Class B all state team after batting .451, including going 9 for 10 with two doubles, one triple and one home run in her first three career games. Armstrong was an honorable mention all state selection as a sophomore, when she battled through an injury.

A talented athlete, Armstrong has excelled on the basketball court and the soccer field for Beatrice. She earned second team all state honors in basketball as a junior after averaging 13 points and six rebounds per game. Armstrong was also an honorable mention all state selection at goalkeeper for the Lady Orange soccer team last spring. This spring, Armstrong plans to join the Beatrice track team as a sprinter to prepare for her softball career at Nebraska.

Off the field, Armstrong has been class president each of her four years at Beatrice, as well as being a member of the National Honor Society. She carries a 3.95 grade point average and ranks fifth in her class of 140 students.

Coach Revelle on Alicia: “A great athlete, with speed, quickness and power. We are extremely excited to get Alicia on campus and working with our team every day. Alicia is blessed with a tremendous amount of athletic ability, and we believe she will have a great impact on our success.”

Danica Bishop, RHP, Irvine, Calif. (Woodbridge HS/Firecrackers Snyder)The final addition to NU’s 2011 recruiting class, Bishop decided to become a Husker following her official visit to Nebraska in September. She was a late find for Nebraska, as injuries had limited Bishop’s recruitment, but the Husker coaching staff is confident Bishop will arrive at Nebraska healthy and ready to reach her potential.

Bishop is one of two pitchers in Nebraska’s incoming freshman class, as the Huskers will lose two of their three pitchers to graduation after this season. Bishop will complete her prep career at Woodbridge High School in Irvine, Calif., this spring.

Bishop has experienced a wealth of success on the club level. She was a part of Mark Campbell’s Victory USA 14 and under team that won the 2009 ASA national championship, after finishing as the runner up the previous season. In 2010, Bishop made the jump to the 18 and under gold level with the So Cal Athletics, who won the inaugural Premier Girls Fastpitch National Championship in a nationally televised final on ESPN. This past summer, Bishop played for the Firecrackers Snyder team out of Lakewood, Calif. Bishop helped lead the Firecrackers to a third place finish in a field of more than 300 teams at the Gold Triple Crown Colorado Sprinkler tournament in Denver.

For her efforts on the club level, Bishop earned an invite to the Allister OnDeck 2010 Arizona Jamboree, an invitation only event for elite high school softball prospects.

Coach Revelle on Danica: “Danica flew under the recruiting radar due to a knee injury a couple of years ago. However, as a 6 foot pitcher who spins the ball and changes speeds well, we feel that Danica will blossom and emerge as a dominant force at the collegiate level under Coach Sippel’s pitching guidance.”

Hailey Decker, INF, Keizer, Ore. (McNary HS/Northwest Bullets)Hailey Decker will complete a decorated prep career this spring for McNary High School in Keizer,
macys polo boots Husker Softball Team Signs Seven for 2012
Ore. With her senior season still to come, Decker has already been named Oregon’s offensive player of the year in the state’s largest class in addition to being an all state selection in each of her first three seasons. Junior National Team in the spring of 2010. Decker was one of the youngest players invited to try out, as most of the invitees had completed their high school careers, including current Husker sophomore Taylor Edwards.

As a junior last spring, Decker was widely regarded as Oregon’s top hitter. Despite being pitched around and drawing 28 walks, Decker batted .642 with seven doubles, five triples, eight home runs, 43 RBIs, 40 runs scored, a .735 on base percentage and a 1.254 slugging percentage. Her speed was also on display, as she stole 18 bases. Her coach, Jeff Auvinen, estimated that Decker was intentionally walked 20 times. Decker put up her impressive numbers despite battling an arm injury that limited her to hitting only duties for part of the year. For her efforts, she earned recognition as the Oregon co player of the year in Class 6A, the state’s largest classification. Decker also earned Central Valley Conference player of the year honors for the second straight season.

As a sophomore in 2010, Decker hit .538 with six doubles, two triples, 13 home runs, 45 RBIs, 42 runs scored and a 1.077 slugging percentage. She was the conference player of the year, in addition to being a first team all state selection.

Decker burst onto the scene as a freshman, batting .538 with 12 doubles, three triples, three home runs, 25 runs scored and 31 RBIs. She also posted a .954 slugging percentage and .557 on base percentage, while helping McNary to the second round of the state playoffs. McNary has been to the state playoffs in each of Decker’s first three seasons, including a semifinal appearance in her sophomore campaign.

In addition to her excellence on the softball diamond, Decker played volleyball as a freshman and sophomore and soccer as a junior and senior. In the classroom, Decker has been an honor roll selection each of her first three years.

Decker played her club ball for the Northwest Bullets, the same team as current Husker sophomore Kylee Muir. The Bullets are coached by Kylee’s father, Dennis. Junior National Team, Decker earned invites to the adidas Futures National Camp and the OnDeck Softball National Elite Futures Camp in 2009.

Decker comes from an athletic family. Her father, Steve, was a former major league catcher who played for the San Francisco Giants, Florida Marlins, Colorado Rockies and Anaheim Angels. He is currently manager of the Fresno Grizzlies, the Triple A affiliate of the Giants. Both of Hailey’s parents were All Americans at Lewis Clark State, an NAIA school in Lewiston, Idaho. Hailey’s mother, Maite, was also an academic All American volleyball player at Lewis Clark State.

Emily Lockman, RHP, Corona, Calif. (Norco HS/Corona Angels)Emily Lockman is one of two pitching recruits in Nebraska’s signing class. She also continues the Huskers’ success in signing players from the Corona Angels club program, signing with Angels teammate Dawna Tyson. Lockman is one of several Angels products to pick Nebraska in the past five seasons, but the first pitcher. She will conclude her prep career at Norco High School in Norco, Calif., this spring.

Lockman has been recognized as one of southern California’s top pitching prospects. She was one of only 10 pitchers named to the MaxPreps California all state first team in 2011, which honors players regardless of class. Lockman was also one of only eight pitchers named to the ESPN Rise/CalHiSports all underclass first team, a squad reserved for the best freshmen, sophomores and juniors in the state of California. She was also named a second team overall all state selection by ESPN Rise/CalHiSports.

Entering her senior season, Lockman owns a 43 17 career record with a 1.20 ERA in 377.1 innings. She has struck out 341 batters and walked only 86. Offensively, Lockman owns a .372 career batting average with 18 doubles, one triple, seven home runs, 98 RBIs and 61 runs scored.
macys polo boots Husker Softball Team Signs Seven for 2012

chawp water polo Hush Puppies store to close at Hanes Mall

womens white polo shirt Hush Puppies store to close at Hanes Mall

Erickson’s Hush Puppies is saying goodbye to Hanes Mall after 24 years as a retailer at the mall.

Owners Bill Erickson, and his wife, Pam, have decided to close the store after a significant decrease in sales in recent years. Merchandise in the store, which is expected to close by July 1, is currently 20 to 50 percent off.

Bill Erickson cited several reasons for the drop off in sales, but believes the primary factor is the changing demographics and the tenant mix at the mall.

“They have brought in a lot of stores that cater to kids younger people and that’s not my business,” he said.

Hanes Mall management could not be reached for comment.

Erickson also believes that traffic for his type of customer, typically between 40 and 70 years old, is down considerably at the mall.

He said he watched 100 people walk by his store at the mall one day and only three of them, in his opinion, were shoppers that might walk in his store.

“Malls in general, I think, are hurting,” Erickson said. “It’s just the cycle of the way people shop.”

In Greensboro, Four Seasons Town Centre recently lost its Belk anchor store. Belk opened a store in High Point in March and has started renovations on its location at Friendly Center and construction on a home goods store across the street.

Several experts say that enclosed malls are in trouble, but the International Council of Shopping Centers said that malls overall are in better shape than they have been in years.

Howard Davidowitz, the chairman of Davidowitz Associates Inc., a New York based national retail consulting and investment banking firm, said that no enclosed malls have been built in about six years.

“The bottom line is that a lot of malls are closing,” he said.

Davidowitz said that middle level malls, typically those that have two anchors and cater to the middle class, are faring worse because the middle class “is getting crushed.”

He said, based on government data, five years ago, one out of 12 people were in poverty, while one out of six people are in poverty today.

“More people are not looking for jobs than have gotten jobs,” he said. “And the jobs that are available are part time jobs.”

Davidowitz said that middle class customers are probably shopping away from malls at mall outlets, which are doing well, and discount stores where they can buy cheaper merchandise.

The winners in the mall industry are the upper end malls,
chawp water polo Hush Puppies store to close at Hanes Mall
the ones that typically have five or so anchors, including upscale retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue, he said.

He doesn’t believe malls are catering to young people because a lot of junior apparel chains are closing a good number of their stores. He said there is a high unemployment rate for young people in the country, and he believes that they tend to shop online more than other age groups.

But he said that stores such as Forever 21 and H both of which are at Hanes Mall, are highly successful and that young people like to shop at both retailers because Forever 21 and H offer fashionable and affordable merchandise. In 2000, when the company’s survey respondents were asked if they planned to shop in an enclosed mall during the Christmas season, more than half of Americans said, “yes.” But last year, just 26 percent answered “yes” to the question.

“After September 11 (2001), we noticed that a third of Americans reduced their shopping dramatically,” said Britt Beemer, chairman and founder of America’s Research Group. “And ever since then we’ve seen what I consider to be a serious deterioration in the number of shoppers going into malls.”

He sees that trend continuing, saying that in most months when his company does surveys, 23 percent of consumers in the country walked into a mall within the previous month, while 76 percent of Americans walked into a Walmart for the same period.

But Jesse Tron, a spokesman for the International Council of Shopping Centers, said that enclosed malls in the country are doing quite well.

“Occupancy rates are back to prerecession levels, sales are doing very well, last year ended at the highest dollar figure in terms of sales per square foot that we’ve seen since we began tracking the metric in ’96,” Tron said. “Net operating income is doing well and rental rates are also rising.”

Based on the council’s data, Tron said that malls are seeing a variety of age groups across the board shopping in malls.

At Hanes Mall, Erickson said that the center’s management did ask him to stay and offered him some concessions, including a drop in his rent.

Erickson had worked 22 years in the shoe industry for an independent shoe company in Clearwater, Fla., when he said Wolerine World Wide, the parent company of Hush Puppies, called him about opening his own store in North Carolina.

He moved his family to Winston Salem and opened Erickson’s Hush Puppies in 1990. The store sells a variety of shoes, including Hush Puppies, Merrell and Clark.

Erickson’s Hush Puppies has won many awards, including being honored by Wolverine for generating the most sales of its Hush Puppies Shoes stores in the United States in 2001,
chawp water polo Hush Puppies store to close at Hanes Mall
and for being Wolverine’s No. 1 top volume store in the country in 2003.

timeline of marco polo Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico after slamming Dominica

marco polo network Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico after slamming Dominica

One of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit Puerto Rico pummeled the island Wednesday, tearing off roofs and sending doors flying from hinges as officials warned Hurricane Maria would decimate the power company’s crumbling infrastructure and force the government to rebuild dozens of communities.

Maria, which has killed at least nine in the Caribbean, made landfall early Wednesday in the southeast coastal town of Yabucoa as a Category 4 storm with winds of 250 km/h winds, and it was expected to punish the island with life threatening winds for 12 to 24 hours, forecasters said.

People calling local radio stations reported that doors were flying off hinges and a water tank flew away in the island’s southern region. Meanwhile, widespread flooding was reported in the capital of San Juan, with water running down one apartment’s interior staircase.

“This is going to be an extremely violent phenomenon,” Gov. Ricardo Rossello said. “We have not experienced an event of this magnitude in our modern history.”

Metal roofs were already flying and windows were breaking as the storm approached before dawn, with nearly 900,000 people without power and one tree falling on an ambulance. Those who sought shelter at a coliseum in San Juan were moved to the building’s second and third floors, reported radio station WKAQ 580 AM. National Hurricane Center in Miami.

Maria, which had previously been a Category 5 storm with 281 km/h winds, hit Puerto Rico as the third strongest storm to make landfall in the United States based on a key measurement that meteorologists use: air pressure. landfall of 929 millibars in the Florida Keys earlier this month.

Puerto Rico had long been spared from a direct hit by hurricanes that tend to veer north or south of the island. The last Category 4 hurricane landfall in Puerto Rico occurred in 1932, and the strongest storm to ever hit the island was San Felipe in 1928 with winds of 257 km/h. President Donald Trump offered his support via Twitter: “Puerto Rico being hit hard by new monster Hurricane. Be careful, our hearts are with you will be there to help!”

More than 4,400 people were in shelters by late Tuesday, along with 105 pets, Rossello said.

The storm’s center passed near or over St. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp to insist that people remain alert. St. Croix was largely spared the widespread damage caused by Hurricane Irma on the chain’s St. Thomas and St. John islands just two weeks ago. But this time, the island would experience five hours of hurricane force winds, Mapp said.

“For folks in their homes, I really recommend that you not be in any kind of sleepwear,” he said during a brief news conference. “Make sure you have your shoes on. Make sure you have a jacket around. Something for your head in case your roof should breach. Be aware of what’s going on around you.”

Maria killed two people in the French Caribbean island of Guadeloupe and two people aboard a boat were reported missing off La Desirade island, just east of Guadeloupe, officials said.

About 40 percent of the island 80,000 homes were without power and flooding was reported in several communities.

The storm also blew over the tiny eastern Caribbean island of Dominica late Monday, where Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit sent out a series of dramatic posts on his Facebook page, including that his own roof had blown away.

“The winds are merciless! We shall survive by the grace of God,” Skerrit wrote before communications went down.

Hartley Henry, an adviser to Skerrit, said there have been seven confirmed deaths in the Caribbean country from Hurricane Maria. Hartley Henry didn’t give details about how the deaths occurred.

The storm knocked out communications for the entire island, leaving anyone outside Dominica struggling to determine the extent of damage, though it was clearly widespread. “The situation is really grave,” Consul General Barbara Dailey said in a telephone interview from New York. At that point, officials had learned that 70 percent of homes had lost their roofs, including her own.

Flooding was a big concern, given the island’s steep mountains, cut through with rivers that rage even after a heavy rain. Dominica was still recovering from Tropical Storm Erika, which killed 30 people and destroyed more than 370 homes in August 2015.

Forecasters said the storm surge from Maria could raise water levels by 6 9 feet near the storm’s center. The storm was predicted to bring 10 15 inches of rain across the islands, with more in isolated areas.

A tropical storm warning was posted for coastal areas in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and tropical storm watches were up for parts of New York’s Long Island and Connecticut.
timeline of marco polo Hurricane Maria hits Puerto Rico after slamming Dominica

polos on sale Huntsville police blotter

marco polo expert Huntsville police blotter

File imageHUNTSVILLE, AL. Unless otherwise noted, the following incidents were reported to Huntsville police Sunday and Monday. Sunday. A laptop computer, a PlayStation 3, PlayStation accessories, an X Box 360 with accessories and a 26 inch flat screen TV were stolen.

Goldwire Drive: A home in the 3900 block was burglarized while the homeowner was inside. A DVD and $40 in change were stolen and a DVD player, chair and door frame were damaged. Sunday. Sunday. A residential phone, coffee maker, silver ring and a pair of Polo shoes were stolen. Monday. Friday. Nov. Sunday. A 42 inch flat screen TV and a package of frozen meat were stolen. Sunday. Sunday. Sunday. Monday. A Rossi .357 caliber lever action rifle, two 12 gauge shotguns,
polos on sale Huntsville police blotter
a 16 gauge shotgun, a .22 caliber rifle, a .22 250 caliber rifle and a .270 caliber rifle were stolen. Monday. Clothing, a pair of Rayban sunglasses and three hunting knives were stolen. Monday. A Tom Tom GPS system was stolen. Sunday. Jan. Monday. Monday. Police did not disclose what was stolen. Sunday. A Dell desktop computer and monitor, a TV and $20 in cash were stolen. Monday. A 42 inch flat screen TV, a microwave, two laptop computers, a wireless router, 47 video and DVD movies, clothing and an X Box 360 with three controllers were stolen. Monday. Monday. Monday.
polos on sale Huntsville police blotter

white polo boat shoes Huntsville City Schools consider system

wholesale polo shirts for women Huntsville City Schools consider system

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By Eric Sollman bio email

Some city schools like Chapman have uniform dress, and starting Thursday night many parents of other school districts in Huntsville will get a phone call asking if they would like to follow suit.

The phone call will be a survey to learn how parents and guardians feel about school uniforms.

“I didn like it, but I think it avoided a lot of conflict in school,” said Denise Accardi who wore a uniform in school.

“Kids, I don know, I think it takes away individuality,” said Jessica Owens.

“Everybody equal, everybody gets treated the same, I think individuality is rebellion,” John Gooding said.

If you a parent in the Huntsville City School system, when you get the phone call you have three different options to choose from.

You want uniforms in schools.

No you don want the uniforms.

You have no opinion on uniforms.

“I guess I wouldn care, but personally if I was in school I wouldn want them,” said parent Emily Connelly.

“It saves lives, it saves money, it just a good idea,” said Patricia Shaw.

“It not a problem for me,” Shabana Amjad said.

So far, it hasn been too big of a problem for Chapman Middle School Principal Dr. Jim Waters. He says this is Chapman Middle second year of uniformity.

“First I talked to my faculty, and said are we going to do this? 100 percent said yes, or I wouldn have done it,” said Principal Waters.

“It prevents us from having all the bad problems like sagging, and pants pulled down, and shirt tails out, and everything like that,” said 7th grader Alexis Davis.

Students at Chapman Middle can wear white, or navy blue polo with khaki or navy blue shorts or pants.

They can still wear their own shoes, carry their own back packs and wear their own belts as long as they not dangerous.

“When you have the uniforms, nobody can talk about your clothes, because all of you are wearing the same thing,” added 7th grader Connie Toney. Thursday night, because it saves the system money.

2010 WAFF.

‘Sweet Livie’: Family mourns toddler killed in drive by shooting’Sweet Livie’: Family mourns toddler killed in drive by shootingUpdated: Wednesday, March 14 2018 11:58 PM EDT2018 03 15 03:58:39 GMT
white polo boat shoes Huntsville City Schools consider system

sarasota polo club Huntingdon native

los altos water polo Huntingdon native

The shoulder fired missile hit the propeller of his A 1 Skyraider, just about blasting him out of the air.

The former Penn State lineman had only moments to ditch his plane. He was northeast of Qui Nhon and just south of the DMZ an area overrun by the North Vietnamese Army.

Even worse, gunfire ripped the air around Jim Harding as he floated to the ground. He pulled and jerked his lines one way, then another, to avoid the bullets.

Three foxholes full of enemy soldiers waited.

He got his pistol out, then put it back in his holster. He would need his knife first, to cut himself free once he landed.

He thought and planned the entire way down. pulled most of its ground force out of Vietnam. A few of Harding’s men were stranded in enemy territory. That’s why he was flying one of the last of his nearly 600 career missions that day.

Once he landed, he knew those foxholes had to be cleared. He killed the first North Vietnamese with his .38 pistol, the rest with the dead man’s AK 47 rifle.

Only then could he orchestrate yet another rescue before his own.

Buy PhotoAir Force medals on the cover of the book ‘Into the Blue: Uniforms of the United States Air Force 1947 to the Present’ belong to Jim Harding. history. He retired as an Air Force colonel in 1979.

Harding, who turned 82 last month, still credits his coaches and teammates from those 1954 Nittany Lions for preparing him for this life journey.

“The ability to say you can survive any situation, that’s what I got out of college, out of playing football at Penn State. . We were good athletes but also good thinkers. It was having the people at the top showing how you could do more than you think you could.

“We weren’t allowed to do anything stupid, or you paid for it dearly out on the football field later,” he said with a laugh. “That helped us to face the world when the world was kind of difficult.”

Buy PhotoJim Harding’s name appears in a photo of the PSU Panthers with the names of all of those who lettered. (Photo: KENNETH CUMMINGS/The Jackson Sun)

Part of that learning came from calling out blocking schemes on the offensive line for head coach Rip Engle and top assistant Joe Paterno.

“It’s making that split decision,” Harding said. “The quarterback makes his call, and you make your call,
sarasota polo club Huntingdon native
and you’ve got to be right. In combat, everything you do is split decision timing. Everything has to be quick and accurate. If not, you won’t be around or your wingman won’t be around.”

Harding went to Penn State from tiny Brookville, Pa., between Pittsburgh and Erie. He describes growing up poor on the family dairy farm. He and his two brothers shared a room, all sleeping on a pullout sofa and hanging their clothes on a line strung from one end to the other.

A free ride to play football and earn a college education at Penn State opened unimaginable opportunities.

He said he turned down an offer to play for the Los Angeles Rams, as well as a much more lucrative job with International Harvester. Rather, he was determined to fly planes for the Air Force.

Buy PhotoJim Harding stands outside his Huntingdon home with his old football running shoes that he used during his time playing for the PSU Panthers in the 1950s. (Photo: KENNETH CUMMINGS/The Jackson Sun)

He was shot down twice during Vietnam and injured many times. The History Channel produced a mini documentary detailing one of the rescues he led.

Even now, he rarely slows. He still works 130 acres of pine trees in Huntingdon. When he’s not mowing, pruning and planting, he crafts furniture pieces by hand.

Often, he said, he looks back to what got him here.

“If there was any place in the world I learned humility, it was playing football for those coaches . and that humility carries over into the rest of your life. . That’s why so many guys (on that team) were successful. We were taught those things playing football.”

Buy PhotoJim Harding, now retired, works on his tree farm in Huntingdon. Harding was a PSU Panther in the 1950s. (Photo: KENNETH CUMMINGS/The Jackson Sun)Life was not easy growing up in tiny Brookville, Pa.,
sarasota polo club Huntingdon native
in the early 1950s.

Former Penn State football player and war hero Jim Harding talks about his father working three and more jobs at a time to supplement his dairy farm and raise five children. His grandparents lived downstairs to help with finances.