embroidery polo How to wear shorts without looking silly

polo golf How to wear shorts without looking silly

IT was an assignment straight from the top. As the heatwave peaked this week, our editor Steve asked me to investigate the hot topic of the day how can men look good in shorts?

The spur had been the sighting of several men walking around York committing the ultimate fashion sin socks with sandals. Or socks with trainers. Or socks with any type of cropped trousers.

Sartorial silliness came in a variety of guises; the most common was the aforementioned sock wearing crime. But there were some other fashion offences being committed on the high street. Here’s our crime report:

Football kit being worn as casual wear: Fellas, keep your team colours for the terraces or the pitch and invest in a cotton T shirt or short sleeved shirt instead.

Swimwear as street wear: Remember this rule; if you wear it to the pool, it ain’t cool.

Dress shoes with shorts: Never, and double never with socks. And triple never with socks and suspenders as sported by one peculiar fashion victim in London this week (who was also wearing cropped denim dungarees over a suit jacket) and immortalised on twitter.

Tops tucked in: Shorts are all about relaxation and leisure, so let your top hang over your belt otherwise you will look like a German tourist.

All of the men we interviewed for our feature managed to wear shorts with success. They all cited sock wearing as the biggest “no no”, but had some other tips too.

Ryan Qualter, 20, of York, wearing shorts from Republic, a tee from All Saints and Flossy canvas shoes from Office,
embroidery polo How to wear shorts without looking silly
said: “It’s all about getting good footwear. And you have got to be colour co ordinated. And not too short with the shorts!”

Craig McGrath, 21, visiting from Glasgow, looked dapper and cool with his own take on the “Riviera” look of red, white and blue.

In a fine striped long sleeved cotton top from Next, Kwiss trainers (no socks), all the attention went to the star of the outfit slim fit red shorts from Jack Wills.

Craig said: “I like the freedom shorts give you. And it’s nice to get a bit of sun on your legs.

He said: “If it’s sunny I will be wearing shorts, it’s too hot otherwise! My motto is to stick on anything that I would wear to the beach.”

Richard Matthews also passed our style police test. In some casual shoes from Office, a designer T shirt from Elvis Jesus and Levi’s shorts, he not only looked cool, but was plainly keeping cool too.

He said: “I prefer to wear shorts when it’s hot. You have got to have the right footwear. The espadrille is a good shoe to wear.”

Fellas looking for some fashion inspiration for the next band of warm weather coming our way (we can live in hope) can take their cues from the high street.
embroidery polo How to wear shorts without looking silly