plain jane polo Howard Eskin has ‘mixed feelings’ that Spike saved Angelo Cataldi

water polo gifts Howard Eskin has ‘mixed feelings’ that Spike saved Angelo Cataldi

think I stuck being the jackass I always been, said the longtime host of the morning show on SportsRadio 94 WIP. fate is sealed, and I going to be an idiot until the day I die.

He not going to stop calling athletes chokers either.

The way people are treating Cataldi hasn’t changed much either. The attitude isn gratitude all around. There still abuse. There’s little difference in the indifference.

In Conklin’s version, Cataldi keeps talking, saying he wants to be buried in a Wing Bowl 22 t shirt it free, and how he wants the funeral at Wing Bowl with strippers as pall bearers.

you just take the water? Spike says.

sure you tell Chip Kelly I love him, pseudo Cataldi says.

After Spike supposedly makes the save, Conklin Cataldi starts complaining. “Why did it have to be an Eskin? . I was with your dad once when he was choking up a furball from that mink coat he was wearing. . Why are you smoking a cigarette?

Spike is reduced to profanity.

In real life, though, Spike Eskin, who regularly hosts or cohosts on WIP, expressed no regrets.

No, none at all, he emailed. wish I was a little stronger so it wouldn’t have taken five or six tries.

Angelo has been one of the people at 94WIP who has been very supportive and kind toward me. So that means a lot to me, he said.

have been strangely impressed by it or called me a hero, Spike stated. “Many people have said, don’t know what I would have done. Really? If someone was choking, there is some other option other than to remedy that problem? I didn’t really ever consider just walking off or anything.
plain jane polo Howard Eskin has 'mixed feelings' that Spike saved Angelo Cataldi