polo cheap shirts How to wear coloured chinos

club polo How to wear coloured chinos

Chinos have said to be a prominent part of the American wardrobe since the 20th century. They evolved from being a trouser worn in military uniforms to your go to picks for semi formal occasions unless you pick a dressy version. Summer is the time to add some splash of colour to your closet and bid adieu to the moody broody greys and blacks but you don want to look like someone who graduated from a clown college either!Pairing a vibrant chino with neutral separates is a fail proof idea, for instance, a summer coat or a seersucker jacket in neutral tones. Or club a chambray shirt with a vibrant chino and complete the look with dress shoes for a date. If you are wearing a pair of bright red pants then don bother accenting it with a pop colour. A crisp white dress shirt is your no brainer pick to pair it with.

Pair with solid coloursDesigner Sanjay Hingu says, “Coloured chinos usually need to be paired with a solid colour whites or blacks would be the safest. Open toe sandals can be great alternative too.”

Mute the colourDesigner Anuj Madaan suggests, “If you wearing bright coloured chinos, don go for a bright shirt. Every other element should be muted or neutral. Complement your colours rather than going matchy matchy. Coloured chinos look chic with a simple white shirt, tie, and a casual coat. Use a sharp contrasted shirt,
polo cheap shirts How to wear coloured chinos
t shirt or polo shirt and complete the look with suede oxfords, suede loafers, sneakers for day and boots or leather oxfords or monk straps for night.”

Designer Manish Bansal, “I always prefer to wear vibrant chinos with a muted toned slouchy tee or a check shirt layered over a neutral vest. You can never go wrong with a pair of clean white sneakers with coloured chinos. For a more vintage look one could team chinos with capotes or brogues. Both work for day and night.”

Mistakes we make”The most common mistakes men make while pairing chinos is trying hard to find a colour that goes well specially the block colours like blue, green and red. When in doubt the safest option is white or black, white for the day and black if opting for a evening look,” Sanjay adds.”Men in India need to understand fit. Also, an all colourful chino look might look good on a model or on screen but might not be the best thing for you,” adds Bansal.
polo cheap shirts How to wear coloured chinos