polo club tallahassee i know the sun’s still shinin’ when i close my eyes

embroidered polo shirts for women i know the sun’s still shinin’ when i close my eyes

and i nobody without someone like youI know. A really, really long day, but well worth it. There was a lotta people there. And some really awesome bands throughout the day. This band Soulstice played last. The lead singer was very Dave Matthews esque, right down to the way he danced on stage and his overwhelming good looks. This random groupie brought these giant ass hula hoops that were seriously as tall as I am, and I had some fun with one of those. (I wish I could link to them from my skool webpage, but turns out the organization doesn have a page, yet. to be remedied next year.) We were there for five hours. It was really exhausting. For those of you who don already know, I got the position. ($3000 scholarship!) I the National Communications Coordinator. I basically be organizing and planning the next two leaderships we go to. That makes me many shades of happy. Matt one of those people who like, the more I learn about him, the more I like him. His taste in music sucks, but other than that he neat. Great, even. The best part is, even if I study my ass off for that stupid class, I still fail the damn tests/labs/quizzes/exams. Black jellybean, that it. But now I really think differently. Like, I really want to live near my family after I graduate. We not all that big; I mean, there not too many of us. Most of it is 80 anyway. I really upset, though, I wanted to put a buncha kick ass songs on there, but the mp3s were all effed up. The CD still good, though. Don you wish you were here so you could get a copy, too out Matt doesn have a crush on me. He in luff with me. Which is, apparently, ten times better than having a crush. His away message says, “I not here this second,
polo club tallahassee i know the sun's still shinin' when i close my eyes
but don go anywhere, I be black.” That so incredibly funny to me. I excited to see how everything turns out. Our hall council (along with the other HCs and the housing office,) has worked really hard for months on this. I hope everything goes well. It s be hot as hell tomorrow. It was really fun. I totally workin the Pat Val combination. I can tell if it working or not, yet, but I think it is. Pat way hot, and so is Val, so I think we on our way with the new cutest couple ever. (To replace the couple downstairs that so isn the cutest couple ever.)I finally got to see Almost Famous tonight. I see what all the hype was about. Unlike American Beauty, I thought AF was well worth the hullaballoo. I really enjoyed it. I guess I go to sleep, even though I totally not tired. but that wedding ring as ugly as your husband is to you. mmToday really wasn that great. I failed my math test that I thought I would do okay on. Fucking inverse functions. Whatever. Bal told me someone picked a fight with her. That someone is so on thin ice with us. I think half the floor went; it was pretty cool. The hot wire boys were leaving one of the other halls right as we were leaving, and we heckled them some. Then we heckled on the road. That was especially fun. Stites was really embarrassed. That, of course, made Amanda and I be even louder, we have no shame. Stites gets embarrassed too easily. She learn. So, then I was having this really good ice cream and my tooth broke. Mmmhmm, just chipped right off. It really pissed me off. I think my dentist engineered my fillings shit so that they would break my teeth so he would get more money somewhere down the line. He sucks. Actually, he doesn He really cool. Given that I haven really hung out with him much in the past two days, it was really good. We went for a walk then went to get a late dinner for him. The nice boy at KFC has a little crush on me (or so I think in my world,) and thus gave us 4 biscuits and 6 pieces of chicken. It was really cool. I think maybe it was God trying to show me what it been like for Val the last month or two, being in the middle of Amanda and I. Val slammed the door in my face, even though she was really pissed at Man. That sucked. Mostly itchy, but my breathing is weird. Maybe Andreas got me sick. My eyes have also been really sensitive lately.

26 Apr

2319 hrs

I like to take this opportunity, first of all to say thanks to Sara for lending me this web space, and secondly, to tell you that Colorado has got to be the weakest state on the map. Seriously.

Here why:1. Mountain time What the fuck is that Get with the program, people. Observe EST. It the true code of the ninja that will bring honor unto your household.

2. The Rocky Mountains ain shit. The Appalachians would straight up open a can on that ass, if they even wanted to bother with your sorry ass mountain chain.
polo club tallahassee i know the sun's still shinin' when i close my eyes