sjsu water polo How to Dye Your Shoes a Cool Color Like Purple

polo club palm beach How to Dye Your Shoes a Cool Color Like Purple

Introduction: How to Dye Your Shoes a Cool Color Like PurpleCustomize your sneakers by dying them an awesome color. These Asics Gel Foundation 7 shoes are really comfortable and provide “maximum motion control” for my flat feet and overpronation. Unfortunately, they only come in one set of colors: Ugly with highlights of boring and more ugly. So, sick of white sneakers, I dyed mine purple. I ran a few tests to determine dye amounts and potential shrinkage cause by hot water, and here are my results. Now, you too can shed the colors imposed upon us by the running shoe industry!This project was mentioned here in the New York Times!Step 1: Choose Your ColorPurple is my favorite color, so that choice was easy. Upon seeing my new purple shoes, Saul remarked that he thought they looked store bought, and that the color purple represented sexual frustration. He then stated that green represented repressed memories of childhood abuse and trauma while noting that I was wearing green pants. I did this in a large canning pot on the stove top. This shoe came out fairly purple (it’s the left shoe in the images), but I wanted to see if I could go darker. So, I added another two packages of dye to the canning pot, and boiled the other shoe for 2 hours. Boiling your sneakers for 2 hours may sound like a bad idea, and if you want them to fit afterwards, it is. This shoe (the right one in the images) is slightly darker, but quite a bit smaller. I would estimate that the left shoe, simmered for 30 minutes, shrunk 0.5 1 sizes, while the right shoe, boiled for 2 hours, shrunk 1 2 sizes. The shoe materials shrunk at different rates, so the right shoe now has an interesting bow to it. Fearing that the sole was getting soaked with water and somehow ruined, I took a third old sneaker and left it in the purple water for 10 hours at room temperature. In 4 gallons of water, I dissolved 5 packages of Rit dye, and heated the water to 55C (measured with a thermometer; it’s about when the water starts to steam). Once at temperature, I turned the heat off, put both sneakers in the water, and held them under the water with a jury rigged system of clamps, kitchen utensils, and a canning rack. I stirred the shoes a few times, and let them sit, with the water cooling, for 10 hours. Check out the before and after pictures.

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You know that have a spray paint that you can use to paint them much easier than using dye. Perhaps reducing the ventilation?

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Sam is projecting.

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is it possible for you to give me a pair of new sho

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This is awesome and Id love to do this but am still uncertain. I have a pair of NB running shoes I’m wanting to dye black. They are mostly white and silver but do have some accent colors of yellow and bright blue on the soles. Do you think the black dye will be able to black out everything if I kept them in there for the same length of time you did?
sjsu water polo How to Dye Your Shoes a Cool Color Like Purple