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If we were to pick one statistic that bolsters Dallas Dance’s contention that he is leaving the Baltimore County school system in better shape than he found it, we would point to last year’s high school graduation rates. For the first time, black students in Baltimore County graduated at a slightly higher rate than white students, and both groups graduated at rates above the state average. Baltimore County is the only big district in the state for which that’s true.

Mr. Dance made “equity” the byword of his administration, and he devoted his attention and resources to ensuring all students had the opportunity to learn. In a county that is rapidly growing more racially and ethnically diverse, that was absolutely the right priority. He didn’t always go far enough in publicly advocating for integration in the schools a point he has recently acknowledged but he certainly pushed the district in the right direction.

He has faced opposition since his hiring as a 30 year old wunderkind in 2012, with critics questioning his experience and his priorities, particularly his push to increase the use of classroom technology. Some of the concern was legitimate, as with his lapses of judgment and disclosure related to a consulting job he held early in his tenure with a company that did business with the district. Some of it like politicized harangues from Comptroller Peter Franchot and Gov. Larry Hogan about the pace at which the county was air conditioning its schools was not.

Recently, though, he has faced an unusual degree of acrimony from some members of the school board, with the demand by one that he resign over his re tweet of a message supporting minority students being only the most prominent example. Though Mr. Dance appears not to have given much explanation for the sudden announcement to anyone, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz theorized that the taxing nature of his job had begun to wear him down. Perhaps we’ll eventually find out there’s more to the story than that, but wrestling for hours with board members who can find ways to oppose him on the most picayune of issues must be exhausting.

Baltimore County Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance announced Tuesday that he will resign June 30, shocking the schools community and raising questions about its leadership during the final three years of his contract.

Dance issued a statement Tuesday morning giving no reason for his decision,.

(Liz Bowie and Alison Knezevich)

But there are other complications. Next year, seven of the 11 members of the board will be selected in non partisan elections, one from each councilmanic district. Additionally, two of the four current members appointed to at large seats will be replaced by candidates recommended by a new school board nominating commission and selected by the governor. That is to say, as many as nine of the 11 seats on the board will have new occupants on Dec. 2, 2018 just six months and a day after the earliest feasible point at which a newly appointed superintendent could take office. Anyone who would take a job knowing that the people who recruited him or her will be gone in a matter of months is not someone we want running the district.

The alternative is to have an interim leader of the system for two full years. That’s not ideal, but it’s better than hiring someone whose priorities may not align at all with those of the newly elected and appointed board members.

No question, it would have been better if Mr. Dance had been willing to stay on the job until after the new board takes over. If he’d like to reconsider, we would be happy to forget this whole thing happened. But unless that happens, we urge the current board to refrain from looking for a permanent replacement. Even if the final selection is made by the new board, the parameters of the search could substantially affect the type of candidates who apply.
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This weekend we will see what the Clemson Tigers will look like after a national championship winning season.

The biggest glaring difference for Clemson is that number four is gone. But number two is at the controls this year.

Junior Kelly Bryant was named the starting quarterback for the Tigers and he’s learned a lot from watching Deshaun Watson the last couple of years. It will be tough to replace a two time Heisman finalist but Bryant has no problem filling big shoes.

“I wear I size 16 shoe so I mean I’ve been filling shoes all my life,
polo outlet Filling Big Shoes Is Nothing For Clemson
” Bryant said.

“Having those doubters I just channel it and have tunnel vision and try not to focus anymore on that. On the other side of that the people that have supported me have said,
polo outlet Filling Big Shoes Is Nothing For Clemson
‘ok we know you’re not going to be Deshaun. We don’t’ want you to be Deshaun. You be you. You do everything that you can.'”

It can be daunting trying to takeover not just a star studded quarterback like Watson but a defending national championship program. Even with all of that Bryant has been able to focus on the big picture.

“You play your own game and that’s something that I’m just going to try to do is just model my own game. Do everything that’s asked of me and just do my job and not try to do anybody else’s and just let it go from there.”

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The relaunch is financed by Belle International Holdings, which acquired the trademark rights for the shoes and apparel brand in China in September 2007.

BBH are aimed at affluent Chinese with hobbies like yoga and golf”

The Hong Kong listed company appointed Bartle Bogle Hegarty four months ago to develop the brand’s image and a positioning strategy and a print, digital and instore in store marketing campaign. Belle plans to have 150 stores selling Fila in China by the end of next year, up from about 85 now.

Post Olympic timing avoided media clutter

The new campaign debuted in the September issue of local fashion and lifestyle magazines and will run at least three months. Each month, ads will feature clothes from Fila’s fall/winter line designed for different sports, such as tennis, yoga, golf and skiing.

Competition is particularly stiff in China’s sportswear market. Besides Adidas and Nike, the country has two strong domestic players, Li Ning Co. and Anta Group. Li Ning, named after China’s first sports celebrity, a gymnast who won gold medals in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, is stronger in apparel, while Anta is the top performer in sports shoes.

Competition from sportswear and luxury brands

Fila is also competing against other upscale niche international brands such as Puma, which has also intensified its sales, marketing and distribution in China this year. With polo shirts priced at just more than $100, Fila also rivals sportswear marketed by luxury brands such as Prada and Ralph Lauren.
company polo shirt Fila's Makeover Aimed At China's High Society

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facebook twitter google+ emailStylish and spacious supermini estate is an ideal companion for expensive shopping tripsEstate cars come in all shapes and sizes, and the Ibiza is proving to be the perfect choice for a girl about town. I’ve just been reacquainted with our SEAT after a spell in the Skoda Superb Estate and absence really has made the heart grow fonder.I borrowed the keys to our Skoda for a trip to the West Country and was glad of the extra space. But once I was back in London, I was more than happy to return to the Ibiza ST. Although it’s much smaller than the Superb, the SEAT has more than enough space for my weekly round of shopping trips, as well as my daily commute.The only time it’s ever pushed for space is on one of the rare occasions when I load it with five adults for a long family trip. And most of the time, the SEAT’s compact dimensions are an asset rather than an annoyance, as it’s easy to park (without the aid of parking sensors) and I can nip into tight gaps in traffic on my crawl home from the office through central London.Of course, any self respecting girl about town is going to need a car that looks the part, and the SEAT hits the spot. I think the ST is even more stylish than the five door hatch and the fact the estate is less common can only be a good thing. Mind you, it does cost an extra 710, so there is a price to pay. Roof rails highlight its sweeping profile and it always looks great when I catch sight of the car in shop windows.One thing I did notice after a spell in the well equipped Skoda is how simple the SEAT feels and that’s meant as a compliment rather than a criticism. While the inside is fairly basic, without too many gadgets, I’ve come to realise you just don’t need them.For a start, the cabin looks smart, with the circular air vents and a chunky three spoke steering wheel. Air con helps to demist the windows on cold winter mornings and the seats are comfortable on longer drives. Plus, the radio is easy to operate and medium wave reception is usually clear vital when you’re out and about and want to keep up with the latest football scores.I treated OV11 ADZ to a thorough clean, so it was looking its best for our photoshoot, but this merely highlighted a few marks and scratches on the bodywork. I’ve written about the metallic grey paintwork before, and it’s still causing some frustration.The mark on the boot has mysteriously repaired itself what was once an obvious scratch is now a barely visible smudge yet stains from bird muck remain, plus there are a few flat spots here and there.Still, our car’s optional 17 inch alloys have scrubbed up beautifully. There’s a tiny scuff to the rim of the rear wheel on the passenger side, but I can’t see any evidence of pitting and brake dusk seems to wash off easily enough.That’s important, because a car’s wheels are the automotive equivalent of shoes and as any fashion conscious female willtell you, you don’t want to go out wearing scruffy footwear.Extra Info”Deceptively spacious boot and smooth cruising ability proved a hit with me. If only the SEAT had a USB port for music players.”George Vedmore, Senior designer”I took an Ibiza ST for a test drive. The big problem I had was the speedo: the numbers are small so it’s hard to read on the move.”Key specsOn fleet since: May 2011Price when new: 14,700Running costs: 34.6mpgMileage: 6,951Engine / Power: 1.2 litre 4cyl/104bhp
polo ralph lauren polo shirts Fifth report

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Most Popular VideosTop VideosMore>>Las Vegas boy, 10, healing after dad says he was mauled by pit bullsLas Vegas boy,
polo shirts for cheap Field Trip Friday with Henderson Nissan
10, healing after dad says he was mauled by pit bullsA 10 year old Las Vegas boy is in the hospital after his father told FOX5 he was mauled by two family pit bulls.A 10 year old Las Vegas boy is in the hospital after his father told FOX5 he was mauled by two family pit bulls.Student stages sit in at Green Valley High SchoolStudent stages sit in at Green Valley High SchoolFOX5’s Cyndi Lunderberg shares details of students who are supporting the walkout and others who are supporting gun rights.FOX5’s Cyndi Lunderberg shares details of students who are supporting the walkout and others who are supporting gun rights.Coronado High School students to join walkoutCoronado High School students to join walkoutFOX5’s Alyssa Deitsch spoke to students from Coronado High School who plan to join the national walkout.FOX5’s Alyssa Deitsch spoke to students from Coronado High School who plan to join the national walkout.Hundreds of Valley students plan walkout Wednesday to protest gun violenceHundreds of Valley students plan walkout Wednesday to protest gun violenceHundreds of Valley students plan to walkout of class Wednesday to protest gun violence.Hundreds of Valley students plan to walkout of class Wednesday to protest gun violence.Parents standby students during Coronado High School walkoutParents standby students during Coronado High School walkoutFOX5’s Alyssa Deitsch spoke to parents who are supporting their children during walkouts at Coronado High School.FOX5’s Alyssa Deitsch spoke to parents who are supporting their children during walkouts at Coronado High School.Neighbors unhappy with approved upgrades to outdoor Stratosphere signageNeighbors unhappy with approved upgrades to outdoor Stratosphere signageNeighbors joined casino operators at a city council meeting Tuesday to discuss plans for new signage outside the Stratosphere hotel casino, but not everyone was on board with the proposal.Neighbors joined casino operators at a city council meeting Tuesday to discuss plans for new signage outside the Stratosphere hotel casino,
polo shirts for cheap Field Trip Friday with Henderson Nissan
but not everyone was on board with the proposal.Sierra Vista High School students participate in walkoutSierra Vista High School students participate in walkoutFOX5’s Tiana Bohner shares an update from Sierra Vista High School where students plan to walkout of class.

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Augusten Burroughs’s memoir, “Dry,” is an unflinching look at one alcoholic’s crooked journey towards an unsure sobriety. Told in the first person, Burroughs takes us down a dark and harrowing path recounting his life as a strung out, well paid ad executive who is forced to accept treatment for his drinking problem or lose his job. It’s an interesting concept, the forced epiphany, and one Burroughs doesn’t take too much time to ponder. Some people have epiphanies, and others simply have epiphany thrust upon them.

Criticized by some for this fictional slant and applauded by others, “Dry” sparks a debate that asks us to take a hard look at what genre the memoir really falls into. fiction, non fiction or creative non fiction? Truman Capote created the creative non fiction genre with his horrific yet journalistic story about the murder of the Clutter family in his book “In Cold Blood.” No one before had taken a real event and fictionalized it, so that while the plot points remained, like rungs on a ladder, the open air between the points were filled with Capote’s own thoughts and ideas, though subjective they may be.

Some of Burroughs’ strongest scenes and characters are made up. The woman who stands up in support group and says that even though she found a lump in her breast in the shower one morning and is living on borrowed time, she would “rather have this one day sober than a whole lot of days drunk,” is made up. This immediately makes the reader wonder, what else is made up? What is true? But then the story sweeps you along, and the very real sentiments of the book come through, and in the end, like with all good stories, you forget to wonder, and you just read.
collegiate club water polo Fiction in Augusten Burroughs' memoir

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Officials with the company announced Tuesday a $30 million investment at the Palmetto facility off McIver Road in Darlington, which is expected to create at least 135 new jobs.The Palmetto facility was shut down in 2008 by the bankruptcy of its owner at the time, Wellman Inc. When the plant was closed, measures were taken to facilitate a future restart.The $30 million capital investment will be used to revamp the site and install new equipment. Production of polyester fibers used in a variety of apparel, home furnishing and other non woven markets will restart at the plant early 2018. and we’ll be close to a lot of our key customers and potential customers,” said Leandro Carboni, management for Fiber Industries. “We feel really good about the market here and the location of this facility.”Officials said the textile industry is regaining momentum after a hard hit during the recession and this investment is a sign of a market growth.The investment project was previously referred to under the code name “Project Phoenix.” The Darlington County Council approved an incentive package for the company at its regular meeting on Monday evening.Frank Willis, Darlington County economic development director, said this project has taken years to culminate but it’s a major sign of growth to come in the county.”These things can have long lead times but it’s huge when we get them,” he said. “I have seen more economic activity in the past eight months than I saw in my first four years here. We have several other projects that we’re positive will happen soon.”Robert L. Kilgo, Jr., Darlington County Council, said this investment bodes well for laborers in the Pee Dee.”Anytime you create new positions, the money rolls over and over again within the county to help in other areas,” he said. “Fibers will impact the entire area. It’s good to see the old fiber plant coming back and not just sitting empty, collecting dust.”Hiring for the new positions will begin sometime in the fourth quarter this year, with operation beginning in 2018. Fiber Industries is working with Ready SC to facilitate the hiring process.ArticlesVictim of apparent homicide on South Irby Street identifiedFlorence man among nine sex traffickers sentenced to federal prison timeFlorence friends to share week being homelessFlorence police, coroner investigating apparent homicide on South Irby StreetEllis resigns as West Florence boys’ basketball coachDriver charged with DUI after crashing vehicle into Lake City dance studioMark Anthony PhillipsAfter 48 years, Norman’s Gun Exchange is closing in EffinghamWoodberry to step down as West Florence’s AD at school year’s end, will remain Knights’ football coachHarry Thomas
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ADM, Adel 38, Atlantic 0 Albia 49, PCM, Monroe 6 Ames 48, Ankeny 18 Ar We Va, Westside 33, Woodbine 14 Audubon 33, Guthrie Center 6 Ballard 34, South Tama County, Tama 13 Beckman Catholic, Dyersville 42, Columbus Catholic, Waterloo 7 Belle Plaine 38, Iowa Valley, Marengo 8 Bettendorf 55, Davenport, North 17 Bishop Garrigan 54, Southeast Webster Grand, Burnside 0 Bondurant Farrar 66, Clarke, Osceola 14 Boone 40, Iowa Falls Alden 7 CAM, Anita 80, Lenox 58 Carlisle 28, Knoxville 7 Cedar Rapids, Washington 26, Cedar Rapids Xavier 10 Central Decatur, Leon 58, Colfax Mingo 16 Central Elkader 52, West Central, Maynard 8 Central Lyon 47, Estherville Lincoln Central 0 Clayton Ridge, Guttenberg 35, Bellevue 0 Dallas Center Grimes 42, Newton 0 Decorah 35, Vinton Shellsburg 0 Des Moines, Hoover 28, Marshalltown 17 Dike New Hartford 28, Sumner Fredericksburg 6 Don Bosco, Gilbertville 36, Rockford 0 Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines 42, Ankeny Centennial 10 Epworth, Western Dubuque 42, Oelwein 7 Exira/Elk Horn Kimballton 49, Coon Rapids Bayard 12 Fremont Mills, Tabor 28, Sidney 17 Gilbert 57, East Marshall, LeGrand 22 Gladbrook Reinbeck 35, North Tama, Traer 7 H L V, Victor 50, Melcher Dallas 14 Janesville 34, Tripoli 28 Kee, Lansing 57, Central City 8 Lewis Central 17, Perry 7 Lone Tree 20, Winfield Mount Union 6 Madrid 32, Woodward Academy 14 Marion 41, Benton Community 0 Martensdale St. Marys 22, Bedford 18 Mid Prairie, Wellman 49, Columbus Community, Columbus Junction 0 Midland, Wyoming 68, Cedar Valley Christian School 18 Montezuma 75, Southeast Warren,
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Liberty Center 6 Mormon Trail, Garden Grove 46, Colo NESCO 18 Murray 52, Moravia 0 North Polk, Alleman 48, Nevada 29 North Scott, Eldridge 39, Davenport, West 0 Northeast Hamilton, Blairsburg 46, North Iowa, Buffalo Center 12 OA BCIG 46, Clarinda Academy 6 Ogden 14, Pella Christian 13 Pekin 56, English Valleys, North English 0 Pleasant Valley 41, Muscatine 0 Postville 42, East Buchanan, Winthrop 8 Prairie Valley, Gowrie 14, Belmond Klemme 0 Prairie, Cedar Rapids 10, Cedar Falls 7 Regina, Iowa City 49, Alburnett 12 River Valley, Correctionville 38, Harris Lake Park 14 Sioux City, West 18, Des Moines, Roosevelt 13 Solon 64, Anamosa 3 South Hamilton, Jewell 43, Aplington Parkersburg 6 Springville 66, Easton Valley 16 St. Albert, Council Bluffs 59, Treynor 0 St. Edmond, Fort Dodge 35, IKM Manning 7 Starmont 36, Edgewood Colesburg 0 Twin Cedars, Bussey 13, Seymour 0 Valley, West Des Moines 34, Urbandale 26 Van Meter 14, Mount Ayr 0 Washington 35, Williamsburg 10 Waterloo, West 28, Waterloo, East 0 Waukee 30, Southeast Polk 9 Waukon 35, Union Community, LaPorte City 0 Wayne, Corydon 67, Tri County, Thornburg 0 West Bend Mallard 38, CWL, Corwith 0 West Harrison, Mondamin 25, Nishnabotna 19 West Marshall, State Center 47, South Hardin 14 Woodward Granger 57, Earlham 13 POSTPONEMENTS AND CANCELLATIONS Riverside, Oakland vs. A H S T, Avoca, ppd. to Oct 5. Webster City vs. Clear Lake, ppd. to Oct 5. Lawton Bronson vs. Woodbury Central, Moville, ppd. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)
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Friday, March 24

COST Free with general admission

Sunset Yoga

Bring a yoga mat or exercise mat, towel or small blanket and water. Friday, March 24

COST $1 donation

The Mexican singer will be joined by Los Herederos de Nuevo Leon and Grupo Alianza.

WHERE Aragon Music Hall, 1300 W. Saturday, March 25Pharr Hub Phest 2017

Pharr HUB Phestival 2017 benefits the Pharr Police Athletic League. Fun for the whole family: carnival rides, entertaining performances, and live music from various local and international groups including Los Huracanes del Norte and many others.

WHERE City of Pharr

Art at the Market

The McAllen Farmers Market is known for the beautiful oganic vegetables/fruits from our local small farmers, but it is also a place where artist can make their creative works available to the community. We will be showcasing local artists who use various mediums to express their creativity. You will be able to meet them, learn about their art, and purchase some of their creations. We are currently looking for local artist to showcase.
polo jeans ralph lauren FESTIVA EVENTS

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FERRARA, Giuseppina (Pina) It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Pina, peacefully surrounded by her family, at Juravinski Hospital, on Saturday, November 10, 2012, at the age of 74. Beloved wife of Giacomo for 54 years. Loved mother of Gregory Ferrara and his wife Cinzia of Stoney Creek and Giacomo Ferrara Jr. and his wife Lisa of Grimsby. Proud Nonna of James,
polo ralph lauren vest Ferrara Giuseppina Pina
Jacqueline, Josephine, Michael and Melinda. Predeceased by her parents Michele and Maria D’Angelo and mother in law Adelina Ferrara and father in law Gregorio Ferrara. Survived by her sister in law Mickie D’Angelo, brother in law Angelo Tomassetti and cousin Rosa Ferrara. Predeceased by sisters Luisa (Lino) Zuccarone, Giannina (Romano) Zuccolo and Eda Tomassetti, brother Guy D’Angelo and cousin Corradino Ferrara. She will be missed by many nieces, nephews, cousins and friends. Pina worked at Susan Shoes for 38 years. Special thanks to VON and CBI Home Health Care. at the Funeral Home. Entombment Our Lady of the Angels Cemetery. If desired,
polo ralph lauren vest Ferrara Giuseppina Pina
memorial contributions to Immaculate Heart of Mary Church Organ Fund would be sincerely appreciated by the family.