company polo shirt Fila’s Makeover Aimed At China’s High Society

polo vw Fila’s Makeover Aimed At China’s High Society

The relaunch is financed by Belle International Holdings, which acquired the trademark rights for the shoes and apparel brand in China in September 2007.

BBH are aimed at affluent Chinese with hobbies like yoga and golf”

The Hong Kong listed company appointed Bartle Bogle Hegarty four months ago to develop the brand’s image and a positioning strategy and a print, digital and instore in store marketing campaign. Belle plans to have 150 stores selling Fila in China by the end of next year, up from about 85 now.

Post Olympic timing avoided media clutter

The new campaign debuted in the September issue of local fashion and lifestyle magazines and will run at least three months. Each month, ads will feature clothes from Fila’s fall/winter line designed for different sports, such as tennis, yoga, golf and skiing.

Competition is particularly stiff in China’s sportswear market. Besides Adidas and Nike, the country has two strong domestic players, Li Ning Co. and Anta Group. Li Ning, named after China’s first sports celebrity, a gymnast who won gold medals in the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, is stronger in apparel, while Anta is the top performer in sports shoes.

Competition from sportswear and luxury brands

Fila is also competing against other upscale niche international brands such as Puma, which has also intensified its sales, marketing and distribution in China this year. With polo shirts priced at just more than $100, Fila also rivals sportswear marketed by luxury brands such as Prada and Ralph Lauren.
company polo shirt Fila's Makeover Aimed At China's High Society