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A Word Toward World Peace: Coexist

By Wendy Donahue Chicago Tribune, July 6, 2005

Two college students’ plan for world peace usually doesn’t get much farther than the campus bar. But when it’s as catchy as a single word, “Coexist” with the “C” in the shape of a Muslim crescent, the “x” in the form of a Star of David, and the “t” elongated like a cross it has a way of taking off. In fact, that logo is traveling the country now on the forehead of U2’s front man. “We got a call from someone at a concert who said, Bono is wearing.

Florida voters go to the polls on Tuesday for primary and county elections. Candidates must receive more than 50 percent of vote to win a primary. If they do not, a runoff will be held on Oct. Senate Republican primary Charlie Crist Andy Martin Winner faces Democratic candidate Bob Graham (I) in November. The Bean and Pepper Jamboree’s history goes back to the days just after World War II. The Jamboree began was as a way to celebrate the harvest of crops in the area. Farm bureau President Fred Segal said the proposed park would preserve open space and educate the community. “It’s important to have someplace in the county where people can learn about agriculture,” he said. Muriel “Mandy” Dawson’s recent troubles with pain medication,
polo outlet smithfield nc Featured Articles about Fred Segal
which resulted in her arrest last month on charges of prescription drug fraud, have the potential of ending a once promising political career. The good news is that the Fort Lauderdale Democrat has acknowledged her problems and has sought medical help. Some recently hatched. And some beasts are roaring back to the left breast after years of hibernation. The preppy revival has unleashed a stampede of animal insignias on men’s polo shirts, not to mention button downs, jackets, hats, belts, shorts and shoes. For guys not given to overt fashion statements, these creatures don’t just leave trendy tracks. They speak or roar or whinny or purr for the man within. Case in point: Polo Ralph Lauren’s pony instantly evokes the aspirations of the men who wear it as well as the man behind it. Jewelry was plastic. Legs were warm. And girls just wanted to have fun. It was the 1980s, and anybody who was totally rad had a horse head on her or his rear end. The years rolled on and neon cooled. Platinum replaced plastic, and the Jordache look went the way of the Eurythmics. But the ’80s are back,
polo outlet smithfield nc Featured Articles about Fred Segal
and so are Jordache jeans. And everyone from Kate Bosworth to Lindsay Lohan is wearing them.