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Published by Group Fore Productions of California, the book is an intimate look at the history of women’s pro golf, and an even more intimate look at the sometimes sweet, sometimes torrid past and present heroines of the game.Gals first stepped on the course in America after British women took to tee boxes competitively in 1893, writes Kahn.Back then, females weren’t all that welcome in what was traditionally a man’s domain. All male golf courses were symbolically referred to as Eve less Edens.But women were quick to realize that golf, with its strategy and style, was a game made for for girls.May Hazlett, the 1899 and 1902 British women’s amateur champ, wrote: “The exercise (of golf) is splendid without being unduly violent, as is sometimes the case in hockey or tennis.”While today’s women pro golfers are known for their snappy chapeaus and crisp, stylish apparel, the game’s pioneers dressed more modestly.Typical golf outfits of the early years consisted of full length skirts, starched white blouses, lace up walking shoes and the more daring women golfers wore a jaunty tam o’shanter.In 1941, Betty Hicks was sporting knee length skirts and manly golf sweaters on the course. National Amateur Title, and a purse of $500. Current LPGA leader, Karrie Webb, has earned more than 1,000 times that so far this year, or $516,532, and the season’s not over yet.At the time of Hicks’ victory, top male golfers earned 28 times as much, or about $14,000. Proportionally, we’ve come a long way, baby. The No. 1 money man in the 1996 PGA to date is Mark O’Meara, with a total of $1,117,214 only twice as much as his female counterpart.The financial discrepancies; the discrimination against women golfers from stodgy men who wanted the clubs to themselves; and a dearth of competitions for women combined to make ladies of the green see red. With Hicks as president, they banded together and formed the WPGA, the forerunner of the LPGA. Born in 1944, it was dead in less than five years.It was an underfinanced venture, fraught with cat fights. After the group’s demise, Hicks wrote: The first organization of women’s professional golf was conceived in wrath, born into poverty and perished in a family squabble . a bawling, scrawny child of early day feminists, a beggar of a child pleading for tournaments.”In 1947, Babe Zaharias, an all round American athlete who’d won a whack of medals at the 1932 Olympics (javelin, hurdles, high jump, etc.) and had later taken up golf, turned professional and signed on with Wilson Sporting Goods.Her manager, Fred Corcoran teamed up with the president of Wilson to re organize women’s golf, launching the LPGA in 1949, in the ashes of the WPGA.On the first tour, the Eastern Open, Babe who’d done a stint in vaudeville years before proved to be not only a great golfer (she won by 13 strokes), but also a crowd pleaser.Suddenly, women’s golf was interesting, and the money was improving. Babe took home $1,000. open: “I am not special. I come from a small town near Stockholm, and I talk to the leaves . as a person, I am a little shy.” Laura Davies (No. 4) Kahn’s opinion: “Laura’s achievements have been remarkable, and so is her manner of controlling her nervous system. Like everyone else, Laura has nerves, but constant activity diffuses them . (she) loves fast cars, gambling and sports.” Nancy Lopez (No. 42, but No. 1 in many fans’ hearts) Kahn credits Lopez as “God’s gift to the LPGA” and “the only modern household name in women’s golf.”When Lopez went through a temporary slump in 1979, the press constantly denigrated her. Kahn quotes Lopez: “It bothered me. I felt like yelling at them that I was human. They spoke as though I would never play well again, and I nearly went crazy. I was depressed . and I thought about quitting.”Kahn’s opinion of Lopez: “She is a physically appealing woman, with dark hair, brown eyes and a warm, dazzling smile. It’s fascinating, and spares no dirt on the topic of women’s golf.
ralph lauren polo shirts Fascinating read on women's golf