red sox polo Fashion 101 for fall

polo sport shirts Fashion 101 for fall

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“It’s back to the backpack,” says Teen Vogue senior fashion market editor Mary Kate Steinmiller, who says that the kind with “old school zippers” is the one to get.

Taking inspiration from the Chanel runways, the Teen Vogue team is also loving sneakers with flair. Girls can add some pop to white sneakers with neon laces, or slip on a lace free option.

For Steinmiller, part of the thrill of pinpointing this fall’s trends lies in her painful memories of having to wear a uniform collared shirt, plaid skirt all the way through high school.

“I would always put on a cardigan or a non uniform jacket because I wanted to be cool and style myself,” says Steinmiller, who went to Divine Savior Holy Angels High School in Milwaukee. “I got so many uniform demerits that I got detention, which I think is absurd.”

Steinmiller, 29, said she used to lust after Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen’s cardigan friendly esthetic. And it’s still TV stars that tween and teens look to for style inspiration.

“When we talk to a lot of girls,” says Steinmiller, “it’s Selena Gomez, Bella Thorne, and they really love the Jenner girls.”

Kendall Jenner, in particular, isn’t just influencing the millions of fans who follow her on Instagram. She’s making huge waves in the fashion world for walking in Chanel and Marc Jacobs runway shows and appearing in the ad campaign for Givenchy’s fall 2014 collection.

Which is why Jenner, 18, is the cover girl for Teen Vogue’s September issue. Luckily for Jenner, she doesn’t have to stick to a uniform.

And luckier still for Daily News readers, Teen Vogue styled a back to school shoot for News readers only. Here and on the previous page are the top five looks for hitting the books with style.

The same slouchy quality seen in the new shorts should carry over into jeans for fall,
red sox polo Fashion 101 for fall
which Steinmiller describes as a “baggier, boyfriend type” of style. The jeans can be distressed, with some minimal tears in the knees, and can be paired with a graphic jersey on top. This is the perfect way to complement the season’s sneakers, which are “not the sneaker you’re wearing to work out in.” Instead, try a white on white sneaker with neon laces. And yes, sweatpants are totally fine for school, as long as they’re fashion forward and have some extra special element like a funky drawstring or clever cut. Steinmiller says her team was inspired by streetwear, where a slouchier and looser short reigns. Keeping the denim shorts low on the hips means girls can add a more tailored and fitted top, like a little varsity jacket or a button down shirt. “Girls should feel that they can wear a longer short and still look very cool,” says Steinmiller. It’s all about wearing a short, mod dress with opaque black tights, and then adding an oversized sweater or faux fur jacket. It’s “very mod and ’60s London,” says Steinmiller, adding that the short hemline is kept wholesome by the tights. As for the shoe, the Chelsea Girl looks best with a flat black boot. Steinmiller likes an ankle boot, but a knee high one works fine, too. Start with classic pieces, like a raincoat or miniskirt, and try them out in pastel colors like pink and purple. Then choose unexpected fabrics, like suede or brocade. Steinmiller recommends mixing the pastels together and having fun with typical uniform pieces. For example, instead of just wearing a black blazer,
red sox polo Fashion 101 for fall
try a mint green quilted jacket.

The field trip look (Jeff Bachner for New York Daily News)

What started as a one day only dream come true has turned into three weeks of discounts.

Teen Vogue launched Back to School Saturday two years ago as a day of sales geared toward teens needing major wardrobe updates before the school year started.