water polo women Fast FiVe Facts To Style Men

white polo shorts Fast FiVe Facts To Style Men

Since the last century, the particular shoe type which gained worldwide exposure and popularity are loafers. Loafers for men are a not just shoes; they’re a style statement. The polarising shoes have irresistible qualities which make people fall in love them. Loafers are slip on shoes which are available in different types such as Penny loafers, Tassel loafers, Horsebit loafers, Espadrille loafers and others which can be styled with various outfits on different occasions. These days you can also indulge in men’s loafers online shopping and fill your cupboard with the coolest loafers. But before you do that, are you aware of what styles are currently in trend and best for loafers. If not, then check out the latest styles to zest up with loafers.

Loafers and jeans have come a long way. Both the apparels are versatile and have a mass appeal among fashion lovers. The preferred choices are classic colours for both the outfit. Blue jeans with black loafers are amazing choices. If you want to match your jeans with the shoes then cool choices are faded black jeans with black loafers. A light coloured shirt will make it a complete summer outfit. For winters, you can wear a bomber jacket to look totally amazing.

Shorts are perfect with loafers as authentic summer dressing styles. The type of loafers you should opt for shorts are penny loafers. A cool, sporty t shirt on the top is worth all the applauds. To make a successful match of shorts and shoes is to choose the right colour combination. For ideas, you can buy a pair of brown penny loafers online and breathable cotton shorts with patterns to make a complete look. Do not wear socks as it will make you look hideous than hot, but if you still persist on wearing then do not wear anything other than ankle length shorts.

Loafers are not a part of the formal outfits but they can be infused with suits to form perfect smart casual attire. Loafers made out of leather are the ones you should pair with your suit piece. The loafer types which should be on your radar are tassel loafers . The tassel ones have shiny appeal and also smart looking laces tied in creative knots in the vamp area giving it a sophisticated look. For a stylish combination,
water polo women Fast FiVe Facts To Style Men
go for blue suit piece with brown tassel loafers. A blue coat, blue trousers and a white shirt along with suave brown tassels and you’re ready with a strikingly handsome image of yourself.

For summers, a cotton shirt is a formidable choice to pair with loafer shoes. Since it’s totally an informal affair, casual loafers for men are the ultimate choice. A cotton t shirt or a polo t shirt are amazing choices and also provide men with the dashing summer look they’re looking for. For icing on the cake, penny and horsebit loafers are the best choices to make a fashionable alliance. Penny loafers anyway need no introduction since they are undoubtedly the most popular loafers so a classical choice would be a striped polo tee with light blue hues and greyish black penny loafers. Horsebit loafers have a snaffle on their upper part just like one on a horse’s nose which gives it a look to die for. A cotton tee with neutral colours should be a type you should be pairing with horsebit loafers.

A feature which men usually give a pass is accessories. Although, men like to wear accessories with their outfits but do not seek precision in styling them with their outfits. When you’re wearing dapper shoes such as loafers, then the accessories you choose should be top notch. During extreme summer conditions, if a plain white shirt with light coloured trousers along with a dandy pair of loafers forms your OOTD (outfit of the day), then a groovy pair of black wayfarers should be on your eyes; not just for sun protection but also for giving a compliment to your overall appearance. Other options can be a light grey cotton t shirt with stylish boxers and a Fedora hat on top of your head is a like a cherry on the cake. If you want to replace your boxers with bermudas than wearing a quality leather belt that gives you an overall sharp and bold outlook.

Loafers were initially started as a trend by Hollywood personalities and now the trend has spread throughout the world. No man, or as we put it, a shoe loving man can never think of his ‘shoedrobe’ not having a pair of loafers at least. Follow the above F3 (Fast Five Facts) and look cooler than ever.
water polo women Fast FiVe Facts To Style Men