fsu water polo area kid who had his KD 7’s stolen

polo coupon area kid who had his KD 7’s stolen

AUBURN HILLS About a week before Thanksgiving, 13 year old Anthony Cupp had his KD 7 shoes stolen.

Money is tight in Cupp’s family. His mother Janiesa Cupp is still undergoing therapy after surgery to remove a tumor, which sucks up most of the finances. So Cupp mowed some lawns in his neighborhood to save up enough money to buy the signature sneakers of his favorite professional athlete.

But as he was walking home from school on a snowy late November day in Warren, Michigan a suberb just north of downtown Detroit Cupp was jumped by an older kid and his shoes were taken.

“We live in a rough neighborhood,” Janiesa said. “And my car broke down. It was the first time he’s ever walked.”

Cupp was left to walk home in the snow without shoes.

“It was horrifying,” Janiesa said. “He’s such a good kid. All the teachers tell me what a good kid he is in a school that struggles with discipline. What he worked so hard for was stolen for him. It was heartbreaking.”

But over the past week, the local news picked up on the story. It spread across Michigan. And the Pistons got a hold of it.

Knowing Durant was coming to town on Sunday, they called the Cupp family Wednesday and extended an invitation to the game. They wanted to make him the honorary ball boy.

And the Pistons also reached out to Durant and the Thunder to let them know what happened.

Through some quick planning, OKC set up a pregame meeting between Cupp and Durant. The two shook hands and talked on the baseline about two hours before tip off. Then Durant gave Cupp two pairs of his signature sneakers one in Cupp’s size and the other in Durant’s, signed by the superstar as well as a new KD branded jacket and backpack.

“He was real nervous,” Durant said. “Same thing I would have been if I met my favorite NBA player back then. I was just trying to make him feel as comfortable as possible.”

After the encounter,
fsu water polo area kid who had his KD 7's stolen
Cupp walked over to Janiesa to show off the new merchandise. Both couldn’t stop smiling.

“We got such a big platform, man, and kids look up to us,” Durant said of the meeting. “To set a good example, we just have to show them that we’re human, too. They look at us as superheroes sometimes. So just to sit and talk to them, ask them how their day went, ask them where they’re from, make them feel like they are where they belong. We may seem untouchable, but we aren’t. That’s the biggest thing I wanted to show him. I’m a human just like you. I go through things just like you. Even though I play in the NBA, I’m here for you.”
fsu water polo area kid who had his KD 7's stolen