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Gallery celebrates 40 years

May 9, 2003

Suzie Harrison With several art galleries closing over the last few months and business being down, the 12 artists that make up the co op at Quorum Art Gallery felt especially thankful celebrating their 40th anniversary May 1. Quorum was the first cooperative gallery in the city. “This is our third location in Laguna Beach,” Schauer said. “We’ve been at this location for many years.” Wally Schauer has been with the gallery since 1970. April 17 at Laguna Beach High School. She says she loves life, the community and other artists here. Anne England has been a Laguna Beach resident since 1962 and an artist since age 3. Her intelligence and creative mind has made a significant difference for Laguna’s art community. Drucker said the pair became involved with the project through the high school, when an art teacher recommended them for the job. 6 when local galleries will feature original work by fine art seniors. Several LCAD students will show off their work at 17 local galleries that volunteered to be mentors, according to a news release. Replace Broadway with the Laguna Beach art scene, and it’s also the story of Nichole McDaniel,
midwest water polo Articles about Art World
whose work has hung at the Village Gallery since May. “If it’s something that you’re passionate about and you love, I feel that you have to at least give it that shot, which is where I’m at in what I’m doing,” the artist said Friday inside the gallery, where her latest stencil in progress occupied the long table by the window.

Suzie Harrison Since the early 1900s people have found their way to Laguna Beach seeking the life of an artist. It started with Norman St. Claire, who came to town in 1903 to paint the surf and hillsides. Now, most artists are forced to adopt the not so romantic view that their income will have to be supplemented somehow, often through a second job,
midwest water polo Articles about Art World
an inheritance or the income of a spouse.