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Forget Tattoos. This Artiste Prefers Polo Shirts, Khakis

By Kate Santich, August 3, 1997

One of the casualties of our business is that we can tend to think weve seen everything, which is a very limiting state of mind.

ARTICLES BY DATEPredators wide receiver strives to prove clothing line makes the man

By Brendan Sonnone, Orlando Sentinel, March 14, 2013

The idea came to Prechae Rodriguez in a dream. Rodriguez vividly pictured a jagged, unorthodox “A” with three descending swooshes trailing behind it. After he awoke, the Orlando Predators wide receiver began drawing. That image of the “Flying A,” which he envisioned in 2009, became the symbol for his clothing line, Alpha Stahr Apparel. “My hand,
turbo water polo Articles about Polo Shirts
my arm was moving by itself,” Rodriguez said. “It was perfect how I drew it, how I felt it in my dream. I’ve never not had to erase anything before.

Lynx Right In Step With Fashion

November 17, 1992

‘Snappy dresser” is not a term usually associated with on duty bus drivers. ” It was a heart rending elegy for the fallen and a stirring call to action. The brave students, in khakis and white polo shirts, survived the unspeakable massacre in Newtown, Conn., that left 20 of their schoolmates dead, riddled with bullets from an assault rifle fired by a madman.

For those who think having an alligator emblem on their polo shirts is a sign of status, now there is the alligator yacht. The Lacoste emblem has moved into the big time with the Lacoste 42, a 42 foot long yacht with the familiar alligator emblazoned on the sail. Miami Senior High and Miami Springs High, which opened for fall classes last week, adopted the uniform policies after parental votes in the spring. Even though they aren’t Disney employees,
turbo water polo Articles about Polo Shirts
the dealers will be required to wear khaki pants or shorts and dark polo shirts which they will have to buy at their own expense. Disney also is requiring dealers to have price lists on all their items this year eliminating the previous custom of haggling.