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La marque de pr am a fait appel au dessinateur fran Pierre Le Tan le temps d’une collection capsule en limit Celle ci a r dans le cadre de la prochaine de la foire Design Miami, qui se d du 2 au 6 d prochains.

Connu pour ses nombreuses couvertures publi dans le New Yorker, Pierre Le Tan a r tout au long de sa carri des dessins pour les plus grands magazines, de Vogue Harper’s Bazaar en passant par The World of Interiors, Madame Figaro ou encore le New York Times Magazine.

Dans le cadre de cette collaboration, le dessinateur revisite certains de ses croquis, et met l’honneur des baigneuses, des flamants roses ou encore des cr aquatiques, qui viennent recouvrir les accessoires de la marque am limit se compose notamment de paires de chaussettes pour homme et femme, d’un cabas, d’une trousse, de parapluies, de pochettes ou encore d’un carnet.
polo winter boots Crew s'associe

polo wholesale Credit Card Machine Stolen from Concord Optometry Center During Morning Burglary

polo shirt printing Credit Card Machine Stolen from Concord Optometry Center During Morning Burglary

Concord Police are investigating a burglary at Concord Optometry, located near K Mart on Clayton Rd.

Officers conducted a security check inside of the business but located no suspects, however, a walk through of the business revealed several pairs of glasses and the credit card machine had been stolen. at an optometry center in the City of Hercules. That business had about $3,000 worth of glasses stolen. During that burglary, the masked suspect was apparently associated with a newer model Chrysler 300 driven by a woman, according to police. It is unknown if the two crimes are related.

Anyone with information can contact the Concord Police Investigations Bureau.

I strongly suggest people NOT use their debit cards at these smaller shops for these reasons. If it not a large establishment, you are at risk of the reader being stolen or compromised by employees/customers. I use a credit card 99% of the time if my information or card gets compromised there is no immediate impact to my account or hardship. It becomes an issue between the issuer of the card and the business, you will be made whole in time.

These smaller shops tend not to follow the protocols established by the PCI, to protect you the customer, and are under no governance body to be audited for compliance.

If you use your debit card,
polo wholesale Credit Card Machine Stolen from Concord Optometry Center During Morning Burglary
you will incur that hardship and loss of funds while they figure it all out. Save yourself the aggravation and trouble. Pay with cash or credit card guess you could use a check if you still have one of those laying around.

I the co owner of Concord Optometry and I wanted to thank those that showed their concern. I also wanted to reassure any patients of ours who may read some of the comments that seem to have been posted without knowing our situation.

I want to be clear that we are 100% PCI compliant, and our PCI certification is up to date. As soon as we batch out the machine each day, all customer information is erased from the terminal. I followed up with our merchant services provider immediately after discovering that the terminal was taken to confirm that none of our patients information was taken from the terminal. The only information that cannot be deleted from the terminal is our own company bank account that is linked to the terminal. That is what the thieves were after, and they did tap in to our account with an attempt to clean out our account. Our company was the only party hit by this crime.

We immediately contacted every patient who had used a credit/debit card in the past few days to inform them of the crime, but if anyone has any concerns, please contact me at our office (925) 825 1090.

This is a reminder to everyone to be careful and aware of your accounts. Check your bank and credit card accounts regularly so that if your information is ever compromised, you can hopefully take action before too much damage is done.

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polo wholesale Credit Card Machine Stolen from Concord Optometry Center During Morning Burglary

NunYa on Contra Costa Sheriff: 20 Detention Facility Volunteers with Initiatives for Visiting Immigrants in Confinement Lose Clearances for Violations at JailWell said!

famous water polo players Creator of Fashion Empire

polo vest for women Creator of Fashion Empire

Ralph Lauren, the quintessential American designer who built a fashion empire based on sweeping fantasies of country club prep and the Wild West, is stepping down from his post as chief executive of the company.

Taking the helm at Ralph Lauren is Stefan Larsson, a former H executive and president of Old Navy, Gap’s down market brand, which he is credited with reviving. Old Navy has consistently been one of the few bright spots in Gap’s brand portfolio since Mr. Larsson, who is Swedish, took over in 2012, making him one of the most visible executives in retailing.

The change may be viewed as a move by Ralph Lauren to get its financial house in order. Earnings at the upscale apparel company, known for its Polo brand, have been pressured by a strong dollar and intense competition in the luxury space. Its latest quarterly earnings of $1.09 a share topped analyst estimates, but revenue dipped 5.3 percent on a year over year basis. The company’s share price has slumped by almost half this year.

In an interview, Mr. Lauren, 75, said he intended to remain active at the company he founded almost a half century ago in roles as executive chairman and chief creative officer. Mr. Larsson will report to Mr. Lauren, though Mr. Lauren characterized their relationship as a “partnership.”

“But I don’t feel like I’m stepping back now,” Mr. Lauren said.

Still, Mr. Larsson’s appointment is the start of a succession at one of America’s best known fashion houses, which, together with the likes of Donna Karan and Calvin Klein, helped put American style on the map.

And it is the coming end of a golden era of American postwar designers: Ms. Karan stepped down from the helm of the house that bears her name this year; Mr. Klein stepped away from his namesake company in 2002.

Mr. Larsson, 41, will take over as chief executive of the Ralph Lauren Corporation in November, and will also join the company’s board.

“One of the biggest reasons for me to join is the opportunity to work side by side with someone like Ralph,” Mr. Larsson said.

Most successful fashion brands are stories of two partners Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berg, Calvin Klein and Barry Schwartz, Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti, even Giorgio Armani and Sergio Galeotti. (Mr. Armani took over as chief executive after Mr. Galeotti died.)

Mr. Lauren was the rare designer who could do both. Previously, he had a “partner” in Roger Farah, former chief operating officer and president who retired in 2013. Mr. Farah was succeeded by Jackwyn Nemerov, another respected executive whose tenure nevertheless coincided with sluggish sales, despite steep promotions.

But Mr. Lauren’s decision to award Mr. Larsson the title of chief executive indicates that he, at least, feels it is still important to separate the roles and have a professional manager running the brand and reassuring Wall Street. Mr. Lauren is still the largest individual shareholder in his company, and is likely to have a hand in any major decisions.

Investors cheered the move, sending the stock as much as 5 percent higher in after hours trading. The question of who might succeed Mr. Lauren after 48 years at the company’s helm had cast uncertainty over plans for the future. Mr. Lauren’s son, David, is on the board of directors and heads the company’s advertising and marketing divisions.

Asked on Tuesday whether Mr. Larsson would be a good successor, Mr. Lauren replied, “I would say so.”

Still, an appointment of a new chief executive from outside the company surprised some industry experts.

“Ralph Lauren has been a poster child of stability and has historically grown talent from within,” said William Susman, managing director at Threadstone Partners, an advisory firm that focuses on the retail sector. “Bringing in Stefan must be a reflection of the need for new thinking.”

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Ralph Lauren would benefit from change, experts say. Mr. Lauren’s most recent show at New York Fashion Week was an ode to Americans in Biarritz, with his signature perfect leather tailoring, blue and white evening gowns, and stars in the front row (Jessica Chastain, Julianne Moore). But his brand has a typical luxury pyramid structure, the model for both Calvin Klein and Michael Kors, with luxury at the pinnacle casting an aspirational halo over the more accessible Polo Ralph Lauren line. Factory stores below that form the bulk of the profits.

Given Mr. Larsson’s track record in “fast fashion,” the question is whether the company will now take a different tack. Recent moves at the company, like separating out its luxury business, hiring the luxury executive Valerie Hermann and opening a lavish private members’ club in Milan, had suggested a stronger focus on luxury at the apparel company.

Mr. Larsson has made his name in budget conscious mass retailing, first at H and then at Old Navy. Though even at those mass brands, Mr. Larsson’s success, experts say, has been built on fostering a level of attention to design that sellers of low end, family oriented apparel had previously not put into their wares.

Mr. Lauren’s Spring 2001 collection. Lauren began in the streets of New York, selling ties out of rented drawer space in a closet of an office in the Empire State Building. Now, on top of its men’s and women’s clothing lines, Ralph Lauren has a foothold, through licensing, in everything from cosmetics to leather goods, to footwear and eyeglass frames. The company logged sales of $7.6 billion in its last fiscal year.

Mr. Lauren’s success has made him a rich man. Though he remains a top shareholder, Mr. Lauren has sold off parts of his stake over the years. Just last week, he sold 50,000 Ralph Lauren shares, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, worth some $5.6 million.

Mr. Susman of Threadstone said that Ralph Lauren clearly wanted to incorporate some elements of fast fashion, given Mr. Larsson’s success in that arena. Mr. Larsson will also help Ralph Lauren bolster its international presence, which has become critical as the United States market has become saturated, Mr. Susman said.

But he said that he did not expect Ralph Lauren to step away from building up the luxury side of the business.
famous water polo players Creator of Fashion Empire

polo shoes for sale Crackdown On Fake Olympic Goods

polo outlet lake park ga Crackdown On Fake Olympic Goods

In the run up to the 2012 games Border Force operations have successfully stopped thousands of counterfeit Olympic goods being smuggled into the UK. Criminal gangs have tried to get fake sports bags and other goods to the UK to make an illegal profit.

The biggest find came at the Port of Felixstowe where more than 7,000 fake Olympic gym bags have been seized by Border Force.

As well as gym bags, Border Force officers at Felixstowe recently seized 540 Olympic branded cigarette lighters and other ports across the UK have also seen smuggling attempts.

432 Olympic themed vests were seized last month at Dover.

Home Office Minister Damian Green said: is not a harmless crime but a criminal enterprise posing a serious economic threat estimated to be worth around billion in the UK each year.

this Olympic summer our officers have utilised intelligence sources, scanner technology and search techniques to successfully thwart those seeking to illegally profit from the Games.

Force officers at ports and airports around the UK help monitor inbound freight to safeguard our communities from the illegal import of harmful items such as drugs, weapons and counterfeit goods. commercial director,
polo shoes for sale Crackdown On Fake Olympic Goods
Chris Townsend said: products not only undermine our ability to raise the revenues needed to stage and host the London 2012 Games, but the fake goods themselves are likely to be of inferior quality and not meet the stringent safety and sustainability standards that all official products must meet.

official London 2012 merchandise bears the London 2012 hologram. When tilting the hologram from left to right and up and down, you should be able to see the London 2012 logos rotating with a 3D effect if you are unable to see this then the product is likely to be fake.

After suspected counterfeit goods are detained, Border Force officers ask the rights holders to verify that the products are fakes. The rights holder then decides whether or not to bring a private prosecution against the importer. After this process is complete, the goods can be destroyed.

Counterfeit items purchased over the internet often by unsuspecting buyers and imported through the postal system can be seized,
polo shoes for sale Crackdown On Fake Olympic Goods
leaving the buyer out of pocket.

polo printable coupons Couple bonds over a plate of sushi

v neck polo t shirts Couple bonds over a plate of sushi

For the Sept. Here, the wedding party flanks Griffith in the center, with blue and red floral bouquet, and the groom. The wedding was held under the direction of wedding planner Catherine Lemon. less

For the Sept. more

For the Sept. The wedding was held under the direction of wedding planner Catherine Lemon. less

For the Sept. As the saying goes, love strikes when you least expect it.

Two years ago, Griffith was elbow deep in rice and fish in the kitchen of Dean Deluca, the Napa Valley gourmet food store, when calamity struck. The man washing dishes doused her with water by accident and ruined the finishing touches to 40 rolls on a carefully arranged platter. The sushi was to be presented to the company’s chief executive officer, Mark Daley, who was interested in stocking her food in the company’s stores nationwide and was awaiting his first bite.

The sushi demonstration was a success, which led to e mails, phone calls and sushi tastings at Dean Deluca stores across the country. Daley, the divorced father of two teens, and Griffith, who had never married, found their friendship growing and romance blossoming with every meeting.

When he took a new job as president of ‘s division, his work took the couple to Vietnam, China, Cambodia and Hong Kong. Griffith liked his constancy, the attention he paid to his children,
polo printable coupons Couple bonds over a plate of sushi
and his good nature.

“You can depend on him for anything,” she said. “There are some things you look for when you get older, instead of the flash. He’s an amazing support, a soft place to fall, a guy who would take care of you no matter what.”

Daley’s cousin, , a groomsman, has noticed a change in the hardworking executive. “He’s a ton more happy, relaxed and protective since they met,” Wessels said. “She makes him get in touch with people he hasn’t talked to in years. She’s made him a more complete guy.”

Daley proposed on a trip to Hong Kong in March, and the couple wed before a small gathering at a private home in Napa with vineyard views on Sept. 17. The ceremony included poignant readings by the bride’s half sister, , and her husband, ; the groom’s children, Taylor and ; and the groom’s mother, Grace Daley. A rustic and chic reception coordinated by of Zest Productions featured roasted chicken at wooden tables set with autumnal linens and faux bird nests cradling tiny blue eggs.

“There’s no walking on eggshells, wondering what you can say or what you can and can’t do,” he said. “The fit is painless and pure. We enjoy our lives,
polo printable coupons Couple bonds over a plate of sushi
what we do and the experiences we have. It’s been that way from the start.”.

england polo shirt Costco readies for Tulsa opening Thursday

ralph lauren polo boots for men Costco readies for Tulsa opening Thursday

The first Costco customers Thursday will be greeted by a dozen or so grizzly sized teddy bears when they walk in the wholesale club’s front doors. The bears are so popular, they have their own Facebook page.

“It’s kind of a big deal when we sell one of those,” said Greg Barnhart, the store’s general manager.

The bears don’t stand alone. They’re a few human size steps from the rows of televisions and appliances that quickly become groves of patio furniture, which eventually lead past what will be an island of seafood to a long case of meat.

A pet store’s worth of cat and dog food is stacked on top of each other. Shirts from clothing brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger line the long warehouse shelves. Hilfiger button downs wait next to a sea of blue jeans, which, like almost all the clothing and food, come in name brands as well as Kirkland Signature, Costco’s private label. Polo pocketed T shirts peek out a few shelves from the swimsuits.

The swimsuits aren’t the only option for fun in the sun. About 50 yards away, a fully inflated kiddie pool stands on its end but doesn’t even come within a story of the beaming fluorescent lights.

The traffic light out of the parking lot will be quiet for two more days. Thursday morning, a steady stream of cars will begin to flow both ways.

In wealthy south Tulsa, the store joins a Reasor’s, Wal Mart SuperCenter, Aldi, Sprouts and a SuperTarget all within a mile or two. But grocery stores aren’t the only competition.

“Everybody is our competition,” Barnhart said. It’s not unheard of for people to come 50 to 60 miles to shop at a Costco, he added.

Anita Fulsom, assistant general manager, said customers tell them that they have traveled to Wichita or Texas to get to the closest warehouse.

“Now that we’re finally going to be here, they don’t have to take a three hour drive,” she said.

Retail experts the World spoke with in January said the state’s first Costco will be a regional draw, despite the four Sam’s Clubs in the metro area.

“It could impact more than just one Sam’s,” said Scott Mushkin, head retail analyst at Wolfe Research, a New York research firm. “It could impact all three.”

Costco sells itself through an “incredible merchandising experience,” Mushkin said.

Barnhart said the merchandise is so good, it only takes a few purchases to make the $55 a year membership worth it.

That’s the store’s goal, he said: gaining people’s trust by having “the best in the marketplace.” The unconditional refund policy and high starting pay for workers are other factors in establishing that trust, Barnhart added.

Employees traveled as far as Bristow and Owasso to sign people up in recent weeks. Maxx at 61st Street and Memorial Drive for months.

Barnhart and Fulsom said they aren’t allowed to say how many people have signed up for memberships, but it has “outpaced expectations.”

This is Washington based Costco’s opening salvo in Oklahoma and could be one of the first trials for the city of Tulsa’s retail incentives program. The store could be reimbursed by up to $2 million in infrastructure improvements if it collects enough sales tax.

It’s expected to have an out sized impact on retail sales. Clay Bird of the Mayor’s Office for Economic Development said Costco sales tax could be comparable to the outlet mall that Simon Property Group plans to build in Jenks.

While an outlet mall typically has dozens of stores, Costco is just one.

When I signed up, I asked if the hot dog and coke combo was still $1.50. I was told that the CEO has said it will stay that price as long as he has the say so. You don’t need membership to buy from the food court. Especially compared to Members Mark or Sam’s Choice.
england polo shirt Costco readies for Tulsa opening Thursday

polo outlet foley al Cost of Freight Shipping Rises

polo tee Cost of Freight Shipping Rises

The grills shaped like kegs and toolboxes, ordered for a Father’s Day promotion at Cost Plus World Market, arrived too late for the holiday. At the Container Store, platinum color hangers, advertised in a summer sale catalog, were delivered days after the sale began. At True Value Hardware, the latecomers were fans and portable chairs.

Fighting for freight, retailers are outbidding each other to score scarce cargo space on ships, paying two to three times last year’s freight rates in some cases, the highest rates in five years. And still, many are getting merchandise weeks late.

The problems stem from 2009, when stores slashed inventory. With little demand for shipping, ocean carriers took ships out of service: more than 11 percent of the global shipping fleet was idle in spring 2009, according to AXS Alphaliner, an industry consultant.

Carriers also moved to “slow steaming,” traveling at slower and more fuel efficient speeds, while the companies producing containers, the typically 20 or 40 foot boxes in which most consumer companies ship goods, essentially stopped making them.

But for most retailers and suppliers, the shipping problems are a huge headache at a time when retail sales are weak and consumer confidence is waning. “It’s made this key selling season even more complicated,” said Edward J. Yruma, an analyst with KeyBanc Capital Markets.

The shipping companies slowly added ships back into the system early this year, but they did so haltingly, not wanting to add too much supply and risk having their rates fall. (Major carriers largely hew to the rates set by carrier groups, which are allowed to discuss and set voluntary rates, under antitrust immunity.) Lifetime Brands, which makes and sells products under brand names like Cuisinart and KitchenAid, said it was now paying about double last year’s rates, and Costco said it was now back to 2007 rates.

Companies that lack contracts with shippers are paying even more. The cost of shipping a 40 foot container from Hong Kong to Los Angeles without a contract, or the spot rate, was about $871 in July 2009, a five year low. This month, that spot rate reached $2,624, a five year high, according to the industry consultant Drewry Shipping Consultants, as reported by The Journal of Commerce. That exceeded even the cost before the recession, which was about $2,000.

Because of slow steaming, which takes containers out of the system for a longer period of time, and because places like Russia and India began to demand container space, finding something to ship goods in, much less space on a ship, has been problematic.

“There aren’t enough actual containers, so therefore, even if the vessel capacity situation is easing up a little bit,
polo outlet foley al Cost of Freight Shipping Rises
” said Peter Tirschwell, senior vice president for strategy at The Journal of Commerce, “you now have equipment that people can’t get.”

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The problems in container shipping from Asia are the most pronounced, retailers say, but shipments from other continents, and via domestic trains and trucks, are difficult as well. The effects have been severe for some retailers and suppliers.

To get products in on time, they need to spend a lot more. Cost Plus, for instance, has used air freight for some time sensitive items, and that costs about 10 times what sea freight does, said Jeff Turner, who oversees supply chain and store operations. And for sea cargo, even though contracts with freight companies exempt Cost Plus from summer surcharges, known as peak season surcharges, the retailer is paying them.

“We have agreements that literally say we don’t have peak season surcharges for our business, but we’re treading completely new ground. Our carriers are coming to us and saying, ‘If you want to get on the vessels, we need to figure out how you guys pay peak season surcharges,'” Mr. Turner said.

Mona Williams, vice president for buying at the Container Store, said the company was telling manufacturers to book space well in advance, and that it was moving delivery dates earlier.

And for items that simply must arrive, well, there are ways to do it. “Sometimes you can offer to pay a steamship company a larger amount of money, and they might take somebody else’s container and not put it on,” said Jeffrey Siegel, the chief executive of Lifetime Brands, but “in most cases, you just have to wait.”

To play it safe, Mr. Siegel has started scheduling items to arrive as long as three months before they need to be in stores. That means a higher cost for holding inventory than usual, but interest rates are relatively low, and he would rather have the goods in hand, he said.

The companies also risk losing sales if anything is late.

For instance, Cost Plus, a home dcor chain with more than 260 stores nationwide, had to quickly revise advertising and in store arrangements when it learned grills would be late for Father’s Day, and beach chairs would arrive after a summer promotion ended. “You’re trying to convince your customers to take a rain check ‘It’s coming’ or explain why it’s not there,” Mr. Turner said. “It’s not easy.”

For True Value, which had difficulty getting summer items like fans and grills on time, the worry was not about the retail customer, but about the stores it supplied.

“True Value stores can buy from other wholesale distributors, so they can look elsewhere,” said Don Deegan, vice president for logistics for True Value. The company has bought more expensive items when it knew it would miss a deadline, he said,
polo outlet foley al Cost of Freight Shipping Rises
to placate the stores.

marco polo s death Cordish plans bid for Power Plant

women polo hats Cordish plans bid for Power Plant

His revitalization plan for Charleston’s genteel but run down shopping district had stalled after a local real estate developer was unable to secure financing for a linchpin project on a four acre lot beset by strip joints and boarded up retail stores.

The crisis endangered not only a proposed eight story hotel and retail hub but also the entire renaissance of the historic Southern city.

Desperate, Mr. Riley turned to one of the few people who he knew could complete the key piece in his strategy, David S. Cordish, the 55 year old chairman of Baltimore based Cordish Co., a development business specializing in urban redevelopment projects.

“David’s a problem solver, an innovator,” Mr. Riley said, explaining why he called Mr. Cordish. “Understand, we critically needed a quality development to occur at that location. And what we wanted was a project that was not only visionary but could turn a profit.”

Today, that once dilapidated property contains a $70 million, award winning shopping mall that includes Polo/Ralph Lauren, Gucci and Godiva; a 500 room, four star Omni hotel that is averaging an 85 percent occupancy rate; and the largest conference facilities in the Carolinas.

In addition, Mr. Cordish’s 495,000 square foot Charleston Place created 800 jobs.

“We’ve got one of the greatest success stories in urban America,” the mayor said. “It’s achieved everything we had hoped for, and it wouldn’t have happened without the involvement of David Cordish.”

Charleston Place, a joint venture between Cordish and the Taubman Co. Inc., a Michigan based mall developer, also has been partially responsible for spurring $500 million worth of new investment downtown, including a new Saks Fifth Avenue department store and a Class A office building under construction across the street.

“Saks would not be coming here were it not for those stores,” said Frank W. Norvell, a brokerage and development manager for the Beach Cos. of Charleston, which is developing the $25 million Saks project. “The city’s financial center wouldn’t be where it is today without Charleston Place.”

Mr. Cordish’s experience in Charleston isn’t unique, nor is he a stranger to urban redevelopment. Since its founding in 1968, the Cordish Co.

But not in Baltimore.

That could change, however. Next month, Mr. Cordish intends to submit to the city a plan to redevelop the derelict Power Plant at Pier 4 in the Inner Harbor. The $45 million Six Flags Corp. indoor amusement park once housed there closed in 1990.

The city recently reopened bidding for the 106,200 square foot Power Plant because a group known as Sports Center USA Inc., which had planned a $32 million sports oriented theme park along Pier 4, was unable to obtain financing for the venture.

Under Mr. Cordish’s plan, the 94 year old Power Plant would be transformed into an entertainment complex with restaurants, nightclubs and other activities, similar to his $30 million Bayou Place project in Houston.

There, Mr. Cordish’s company is transforming a vacant convention center in the heart of the city’s cultural district into a 150,000 square foot entertainment destination, Texas’ largest.

The 13 club project is set to open next August.

“Downtown Baltimore needs an adult night life and more family entertainment during the day,” Mr. Cordish said. “And a Bayou Place type of project would absolutely be the best complement to the Inner Harbor. We have the contacts. I just can’t see us failing. The harbor is a tremendous success, and we’d just be capitalizing on it. We’ve done tougher.”

By tougher, Mr. Cordish may be referring to his work in New Haven, Conn., where his company purchased the grand but bankrupt Park Plaza Hotel in July 1994.

After nine months of intense haggling with city and state officials over back taxes and financial assistance, the Cordish Co. is in the design stage of a $20 million renovation scheduled to open in late summer of 1996.

In March, Mr. Cordish got what he asked for.

In return, Park Plaza will create 250 jobs and generate $270,000 annually in taxes.

“He’s definitely tough, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s very thorough in his negotiations,” said G. J. Tollett, director of Houston’s convention and entertainment department. “But he’s also been very honest and fair. I’ve been dealing with him for four years, and he’s a man of his word.”
marco polo s death Cordish plans bid for Power Plant

polo store nyc Cops hunt for 2 after Tanger Outlet shooting

uci water polo Cops hunt for 2 after Tanger Outlet shooting

of the sudden there was a loud bang. We didn know what it was and thought maybe a display had fallen over. Then we looked up at the front of the store and we saw people scurrying, running fast and panicked. were leading customers to the back of the store, telling shoppers to get away from the windows.

Richardson told the Sun he didn see the shooter or the victim from where he was standing.

The scene was all too familiar for Richardson wife,
polo store nyc Cops hunt for 2 after Tanger Outlet shooting
who was part of the lockdown on Parliament Hill in October.

was very upset, said Richardson.

were just very fortunate. We were hoping that everyone was safe and that no one was hurt. and Bob McCormick from Newfoundland were just around the corner from the scene shopping in Boathouse when they heard of what happened.

were just in the store and they told us we had to leave, said Bob.

told us that if wanted to leave the store we had to leave it right away. If not,
polo store nyc Cops hunt for 2 after Tanger Outlet shooting
we had to go to the back of the store but everyone emptied out. entrances to the mall were blocked off by police tape.