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Football has grown enormously since its conception because lots of people CHOOSE to pay money to see it. Therefore, the football industry is led in the direction that caters to the maximum number of fans. If numbers start falling, the game will change to accomodate it.

I believe this is an example of democracy at work. Some argue that fans abroad should not have the same say as as the local fan who purchases a season ticket. My question to those who do is, why do you believe that they actually do anyway? A fan who spends 2k a year following their team is worth to the PL and their club 20 times what a fan in the states paying 100 quid a year in subscriptions is. What I mean is that it would take 20 american fans to cancel their subscription to have an equal negative effect on the PL as 1 season ticket holder not renewing their ticket. Local fans have more say if they spend more, but do not own the game!

You can post about how you the game is not what you think it should be or not what it used to be, but there is absolutely no reason why the PL should be prioritising those two criteria! The Premier leagues aim is to be the PREMIER league and attract as many fans as possible. If they have to ignore your particular feelings and whims to do this, too bad! If you cant handle that totally reasonable and logical claim, then I have to question how suited you are in living in a world in which there are other people apart from you!

The clubs at the top of the PL are internationally supported and it is unreasonable to expect the same individual relationship with man utd as you would Yeovil! What is changing the game from what it was is evident on the forum index. Just look at the differences in numbers posting on PL teams to those in championship and lower. The state of the modern game is the direct result of the choices of the vast majority and to claim something is wrong with that is absurd.

We have the freedom to choose our league and club, and the ignorance to cry foul over the results of our collective choices? That is what I am hearing.

If you believ fans have no say what so ever, I couldnt disagree with you more. What you are failing to understand is that the sheer number of fans of the PL means that each individual voice is minimised and that the only possible way the PL can direct itself is by doing what increases fan base and satisfies the majority. If you are not in the majority, that loves the game for what it is and not what it used to be, I am sorry for you, but I applaud the PL for ignoring you!

If you dont like what you are constantly paying for, more fool you!

Timvick, just for fun and because I am bored, I would like to show you how to disect and refute a post rationally, so that you can have a go yourself. I will use your post above for this purpose.

1) You claim I like to force my opinions on other people. Well, I dont know how you can debate without stating your opinion and outlining the reasons that compel you to hold that opinion. I wish not to force anything on anyone and you CHOSE to read my post.

2) You believe I like to hear the sound of my own voice. If I wanted to hear my own voice I would be sitting here talking to myself and not writing my opinions, I hope you can understand that when you write you are not listening to the SOUND of your own voice.

3) You claim my post is a rant and unsubstantiated. I am confident that I articulated my view well and clearly, giving reasons that you have not refuted. You are the only one on this page that has given an opinion without backing it up with an argument!

I have without doubt refuted your reply and clearly shown that it is lacking in both intelligence and respect for rational debate.

The fact that timvick even had the curiousity and attention span to read this post leads me to believe that most regular posters have too.

I have no evidence yet that I am misguided in my conclusions,
polo v neck shirts Football is the peoples game
although I would be delighted if some were to present itself on this thread: ).

I will understand if some are by my apathetic apologetics on behalf of a cold, heart less machine, namely the Premier league, but at least I am recognising it for what it is.

What compels me to do so, however, is the factually founded understanding that left to its own devices, the PL grew into the greatest league in the world, and I believe that no human being is intelligent enough to regulate and force it into something better without actually failing and making it worse.

Apologies for not responding sooner but I obviously don have as much time to dedicate to baseless argument as you do (your posting frequency is impressive / disturbing / sad). It took me 25mins to read your post as I had to take regular breaks as the words hurt my eyes. However, I have a couple of points in response to your own

1) Opinion ceases to become opinion when you conclude sentences with phrases such as have without doubt refuted your reply

2) Enjoying the sound of your own voice is an expression and can apply to the written word. Do you take everything so literally? If I said a drunken monkey could articulate better than you it would be just to emphasise a point.

3) A self righteous person would be confident that they had articulated their view well because that what self righteous people do.

Anyway, thanks for enlightening us all with your words of wisdom. The 4 people that managed to read it till the end will be in awe of superior intellect and insightful views. You could start a cult. You and nil could change the world.

2) You could claim the same about any poster on here, but you never would of yourself, eh?

3) A self righteous person would believe they are right regardless of the arguments of others or without feeling the need to argue their own position. That is what you have done! I am open to any arguments you may have that my initial post was misguided, but as of yet you havent had the decency to provide any. It is not self righteous to claim I had articulated my arguments well, I am allowed to have that subjective opinion, and the benefit of giving reasons for my opinion is that if someone thinks I am wrong, they can show me why. Unlike you, my mind is not closed, have an argument for once why dont you?

Luckydestiny, I think it appropriate that the madman shanks has intervened on our discussion as he is a perfect example of what you don want to become on this site. He is the embodiment of the deluded masses that I refer to. He was opinionated and sure of himself like you but after years of trying to take up every argument from his demented perspective, he became bitter and twisted. He eventually morphed into a Gollum from lord of the rings like character. Cursed to stalk these boards in search of his precious (a friend). If you not careful, it could be you.

Lucky, I think I need to clarify my position to you which I think you have misunderstood. That’s why threads sometimes aren’t always the best platform to thrash out a complex debate. Anyway, I will endeavour to try.

This whole issue for me typifies the ugly side of capitalism. Let me use an analogy. Every clothes shop you walk into now has a huge selection of nice clothes for you to purchase and hence it enables us to look and make the best of our selves, arguably giving us a pleasure. However, an awful lot of these clothes have been manufactured in the squalors of the god awful sweat shops throughout the world where people basically have to endure slavery to enable us to have pleasurable goods to buy. Now, I admit, I buy such clothes,
polo v neck shirts Football is the peoples game
I’m sure many people do. And it certainly makes me a hypocrite that I enjoy these clothes at the cost of somebody else. But I think we should spare these people more thought action than we do.