ralph lauren polo shorts Former educator starting own shop

customizable polos Former educator starting own shop

JANESVILLE “It’s a treasure hunt in a way.”

That’s what Nancy Wait said about her new shop, Trendy Consignments on 21 1/2 Main St. Wait spent the past 18 years teaching in the Beloit and Janesville school districts, and decided to open her own business after retirement on Jan. 1.

“During the recession if you can’t make it, you never will. This is the time people are being educated about the green philosophy. People are going to go through stuff and decide not to just donate it, but to give back a little money to the family,” she said.

Wait has been shopping at consignment stores all her life. Her sister, Joni Bozart, owns Carousel Consignments down the street which sells antiques and household items.

“It just runs in the family,” Wait said.

A fan of the Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe looks, Wait likes to showcase unique styles. Her store features upscale brands such as Louie Vuitton, Ann Taylor, Liz Claiborne,
ralph lauren polo shorts Former educator starting own shop
Calvin Klein, American Eagle, Coldwater Creek and more. She complements her clothing with unique items such as artist Luma El Khatib’s hand made beaded rings and bracelets. She hopes to network with more women artists to showcase their creativity.

Some of Wait’s biggest sellers have been her evening gowns for proms, cruises and special occasions as well as jeans from The Buckle. Often selling for $100 to $200, Wait offers The Buckle jeans for $35 to $50. Trendy Consignments offers clothing for high school girls as well as their mothers. She also has a following of farm girls who come in on Friday nights to shop and Hispanic girls preparing to celebrate their Quinceaera, or 15th birthday festival.

Wait also has a unique way she works with her consignors. They are given sheets to take inventory of their clothing, and then they discuss what selling prices are appropriate. Some of her consignors are teenage girls or women who change sizes who want to see how much they can earn reselling their clothes.

“I give them paperwork and they fill out everything on their own. They leave the price open so the two of us can talk about it,” she said.

After they make a little money they can purchase some new clothes to consign down the road. She said many families don’t like shopping or making free donations to donation centers because the clothes are sold at too high of a price. Some people have a personal connection to the clothing, especially when giving clothes from a lost loved one. Women like to spend time with each piece of clothing, see it in the store and get a fair price for it.

“At any time consigners can come to me and say I want my item back,” she said.

Although Wait has made donations to Acts of Kindness, a charity for the homeless,
ralph lauren polo shorts Former educator starting own shop
she typically will hold unsold clothes for another season to sell or gives them back to consignors.