soulja boy marco polo for our kids’ sake

marco polo and the silk road for our kids’ sake

I applaud Bob Quinn’s recent letter (“Schmookler’s tirade against president way off base,” Letters to the Editor, The News Virginian, Feb. 15.) As usual he separated fact from fiction regarding Andy Schmooker’s op ed, “Trying to understand My Countrymen.”

I believe that President Trump will go down in history as one of America’s greatest presidents. His followers saw his potential for great leadership concerning the economy through tax reform, enforcing already existing immigration laws, reducing unemployment and now putting the emphasis on tightening the background check system in the wake of the Florida shooting.

I cannot wait for Richard White and Andy Schmooker’s comments concerning the Florida high school massacre, which left 17 dead. I am sure they will demand more gun control, which is not the issue. Taking guns away from responsible gun owners is not the answer and it violates the Second Amendment.

Those who are determined to get a gun with evil intent will get it regardless of strict gun laws.

Since 1999, 270 American have lost their lives due to lack of leadership in the “swamp” and strict gun laws. The teenager who murdered innocent students and teachers was visited by law enforcement 39 times. Now the FBI has admitted they dropped the ball on failing to follow up on credible tips, which may have prevented this tragedy, and a host of pass tragedies that has embarrassed this agency.

Children and teachers enter a war zone each day they enter school property, which many proudly proclaim are gun free zones an open invitation to potential attackers. The solution is simple: give our teachers the weapons and ability to defend themselves and their students. Selected, anonymous faculty members would be given special training in conceal/carry and how to deal with an active shooter, much like police and military personnel undergo. Since 9/11, the airline industry has given rise to the TSA. We must now start treating our vulnerable schools the same way.

Beginning next week, Sheriff Richard Jones of Bulter County, Ohio, will be offering free gun classes for teachers, so they may have conceal/carry permits (if the school board will allow it.) He has been overwhelmed by the response to his offer and stated that his office is leading by example.

We here in the Valley need to get on board with this plan. We cannot afford to do any less by our most precious resource: our children.

The school shooting in Parkland, Florida, has again focused attention on the gun debate. More people than ever from the NRA to politicians to ordinary Americans are saying we should consider arming out teachers to protect children in the event of a shooting. Some say it not only makes sense from a defensive standpoint, but may also discourage would be shooters from carrying out their plans in the first place. Others say it’s a terrible idea, making it almost certain that more students will die in the crossfire, particularly if teachers are not trained in active shooter scenarios. They also say it’s a sign that we’re giving up that we must accept school shootings are the “new normal.” What do you think?
soulja boy marco polo for our kids' sake