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“Really talk up school with positive comments and avoid negative comments that refer to hating to or not wanting to go back to school,” Grunewald said.

She added it is important that the child is familiar with what he or she must do after school lets out for the day.

“Go over details of how your child will get home multiple times,” Grunewald said.

Not only have the student’s school supplies purchased ahead of time, but Grunewald added to make sure they are in an easy to carry bag.

And to ease the separation anxiety that first day for both the parent and student, put a note for your child to find in their back pack or lunch box, Grunewald added.

With less than two weeks left before school begins, the last minute dash for back to school clothes is underway with many parents waiting for the tax free weekend Aug. 4 6.

When the night before that first day rolls around, help your child by laying out his or her first day back clothes, shoes and supplies.

For parents it is good to remember to start easing children back to their school day bedtimes. It is best to not wait until the last night and expect them to go to bed three or four hours earlier than they have been.

According to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, studies show that a good night’s sleep improves learning. Whether learning math, how to play the piano, how to perfect a golf swing, or how to drive a car, sleep helps enhance learning and problem solving skills. Sleep also helps one pay attention, make decisions, control emotions and behavior, cope with change, and be creative.

Remember that a morning meal will set the day for success. It can be a make ahead muffin with carrots, nuts and fruit, eggs and bacon, or a piece of toast with some kind of nut butter and milk.

“There’s a strong link between breakfast and how well students perform at school,” said Deana Hildebrand, Oklahoma State University Cooperative Extension Service nutrition specialist. “Research has connected breakfast to better memory, test scores and attention span as well as better overall nutrition.”

Hildebrand added to focus on a meal that includes protein along with fruits and vegetables.

Schools preparing for students’ return

Within the next few weeks, schools throughout the Edmond area are finishing up renovations and additions to buildings and playground areas as well as parking lots

In Edmond classes will begin on Aug. 18 while Deer Creek students will report back Aug. 16 with a late start day. Both districts will take Sept. 4 off for Labor Day.

Edmond School District has early start and late start times for the schools as well as extended or full day times.

Late Start Wednesdays provide time for teachers to participate regularly in activities designed to promote student achievement.
us polo assn online store For smooth first days back to school