children s polo shirts Greg Steube Fires Up Open Carry Bill for 2017 Session

polo hats for cheap Greg Steube Fires Up Open Carry Bill for 2017 Session

A proposal to allow Florida’s concealed weapons permit holders to carry their firearms openly and eliminate some “gun free zones” will make another appearance during the 2017 legislative session.

The legislation, SB 140, is sponsored by Sen. Greg Steube, R Sarasota, who introduced the measure last year when he was a state representative.

If passed, the bill would allow Florida’s 1.7million concealed carry permit holders to openly carry their firearms. The more sweeping part of the measure, however, would eliminate gun free zones in places like secondary schools, local centers and government meeting areas.

Last year, former state Rep. Matt Gaetz introduced the bill in the House. The proposal sailed through that chamber, but faced opposition in the Senate.

Former Sen. Miguel Daz de la Portilla was at the center of the failure of many pro gun bills last year, since he chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee where many of the bills, including open carry, breathed their last breaths.

This year, Diaz de la Portilla isn’t a senator and Steube chairs that committee,
children s polo shirts Greg Steube Fires Up Open Carry Bill for 2017 Session
setting up a friendlier environment for the measure to make its way through.

The bill showed an evident division among law enforcement officers in Florida, with Florida Police Chiefs Association supporting the measure last year, while the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) overwhelmingly opposed the legislation.

The National Rifle Association flexed its muscles on the open carry bill, railing against the FSA at the time.

NRA lobbyist and former president Marion Hammer harshly criticized the FSA for its claims open carry was ineffective.

“Opponents have presented no evidence that open carry isn’t working in any state and no evidence of problems in any state,” she wrote at the time. “Simply because different states have variations in their laws does not in any way alter the fact that open carry is working.”

FSA spokesperson Nanette Schimpf told Sunshine State News the group was currently reviewing the legislation.

Current Florida law does not allow licensed permit holders to openly carry.

Florida is just one of five states which does not allow the lawful open carry of firearms. If Steube’s legislation passes, Florida would become the 46th state legalizing open carry.

Limited Open Carry is lawful in Florida already. If you in progress, en route to or returning from fishing, hunting or camping, you can open carry. All you need to do is keep a tackle box of artificial lures and a fishing pole in your vehicle at all times. If questioned by police, have a valid fishing license to show. The law doesn stipulate that officers can track your fishing or hunting trip an an investigation, however. But some former officers from liberal states relocating to Florida still cannot stand CCW or OC privileges that states like Florida Georgia give. Everybody needs to go fishing!!! Remember, artificial bait,
children s polo shirts Greg Steube Fires Up Open Carry Bill for 2017 Session
because old, dead shrimp or worms get ridiculously stinky. Like liberals.

I really hope this passes. I personally would not open carry but would love to not have to worry about someone calling the police because my shirt exposes a firearm for a brief second by accident even though I am a conceal carry permit holder. There are nearly 2 million permit holders in the state of Florida which is roughly 10% of the state population. If you see 10 people in public 1 of them is probably armed. That guy in the store in line behind. yeah probably already has a firearm on him but guess what you both bought your items and went home without incident. Having a firearm does not make you a criminal or mentally unstable. when are we going to learn this.

Open carry for licenced concealed holders make perfect sense. No offense if you and I are in the the same store. I have a firearm. You just do not see it. Your fears based on sight are rediculous. Unless you physically attack me personally with intent to end my like your safety is not in question. How you act determines how weapon holders act. We are obey the law. We carry for personal preservation of life. We do not carry to commit crime. The lawless do that, the lawless do not adhere to gun laws period!