coachella polo grounds Evelyn Mount Needs Help Fulfilling Easter Wishes

gold polo shirts Evelyn Mount Needs Help Fulfilling Easter Wishes

And Evelyn says she can stand the idea of children not having something nice on Easter morning. So she wants to help, but she needs donations to make it happen.

“Mainly I would like to see them have beautiful Easter baskets.”

Evelyn Mount says she gotten more than 300 requests for Easter baskets for children because parents want their kids to have something from the Easter Bunny.

“When you hear that kids need help, it really hurts me. I wouldn want my kids to go without,” says Al Mount.

He is Evelyn grandson and she raised him from the time he was four months old.

“My Easter was one of the best times. I would love to have Easter Sunday because I knew for sure I was going to eggs and a whole bunch of new things,” he adds.

And that what Evelyn wants for all the children. So, she asking for donations of baskets, candy, toys and new clothes.

“The reason we ask for new clothes for kids at Easter is because year round, they get used clothes,” Evelyn says. “And on Easter, everybody like to look pretty, especially the kids.”

She also has requests for dozens and dozens of eggs for those Easter egg hunts.

“As the eggs come in, we got a place to store them until we boil and dye them.” she says.

Evelyn wants to get some food baskets together too. But, some of the shelves are almost empty and others are completely bare.

Al says, “It way more hectic than what it ever was because at one point we had no room to put any food in the place and now we have a lot of room to put food.”

Evelyn adds, “It is very slow. But, I just have the feeling that the people of Reno and Sparks is going to do something about it, because they never failed yet.”

A sign posted inside the garage where everything is stored says,”Giving is the greatest gift you can receive.” And those are words Evelyn and Al live by.
coachella polo grounds Evelyn Mount Needs Help Fulfilling Easter Wishes