ferrari polo shirts Evanston dress code breaks new ground

polo swim suit Evanston dress code breaks new ground

“The policy prohibits the measurement of clothing and the public reprimand of students for dress code. The policy prohibits the argument that a student’s clothing is a distraction to others.”

Most importantly, the policy “demands that students are treated with dignity,” Trudell said.

Under the 2017 policy, staff must enforce the code consistently and in a manner that “does not reinforce or increase marginalization or oppression” of anyone based on race, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, cultural observance, household income or body type.”

Students may wear leggings, tank tops, spaghetti straps and hats.

Clothing depicting violent language or images, drug or alcohol use, or profanity and pornography are not allowed.

Mary Braun Modder, who is running in the spring election for a Kenosha Unified School Board seat, said the Evanston model is “awesome.”

“I especially like that the staff is trained on the language to use while enforcing the dress code so that no one feels embarrassed or singled out,” Braun Modder said.

“I also like that the educators are not the primary enforcers of the dress code. The most effective educators are those who are able to connect with their students and parents. This is difficult to do if you are sending students out of class.”
ferrari polo shirts Evanston dress code breaks new ground