navy polo shirts Even a weather expert gets a snow day sometimes

nike polo shirts clearance Even a weather expert gets a snow day sometimes

Even a weather expert gets a snow day sometimes.

He said his outing by car to a supermarket Wednesday was fraught with icy peril, adding Georgia motorists were out risking their necks in their “non winterized cars” and “my little car was struggling to even move.” Particularly daunting, he says, where slippery hills and shaded roads of wooded Atlanta suburbs where snow was crushed to packed ice.

That made for numerous crashes, not to mention tense driving for Maue on nearby Interstate 20. He found only one lane open on a stretch due to blowing, drifting snow.

Still, he says, Southern winters have the North beat. He forecasts temperatures to begin rising above freezing by midday Thursday around much of the South then climb even to the low 60s (15 Celsius) in some spots this weekend.

“We should feel a widespread warming throughout the South.

State Police say the chief of a Louisiana fire department was struck and killed by a car on an icy highway while investigating a traffic accident.

A police statement said winter weather was a factor in the death Wednesday morning of 48 year old Russell Achord. Highway 61 when the accident occurred. Police say a man driving a pickup truck with a trailer lost control on the icy road.

According to police, the truck struck several vehicles and Achord, who was fatally injured.

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu says city facilities and schools will remain closed Thursday.

Getting into and around in New Orleans is a challenge in this unusually cold weather. Parts of Interstate 10 within the city and to its east and west were closed throughout Wednesday. The 24 mile long Lake Pontchartrain Causeway taking commuters from the north was closed as well. Ice closed the runways at Louis Armstrong International Airport until midday.

New Orleans’ historic streetcars were shut down because of ice on the electric lines and frozen equipment. There was limited bus service on the icy roads and the Mississippi River ferries shut down.

Another hard freeze was forecast overnight Wednesday. Ice was still expected to be a problem on bridges and overpasses.

Officials at the world’s busiest airport in Atlanta are blaming the Transportation Security Administration’s “limited staffing” for making passengers wait more than an hour to get through security.

Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport was already dealing with weather related delays. But the airport’s website showed wait times of more than an hour to get through a single checkpoint, the only one open in the domestic terminal Wednesday evening.

Delta Air Lines said in a statement that the airport said it took more than two hours to get through security earlier Wednesday.
navy polo shirts Even a weather expert gets a snow day sometimes