polo clearance Everything a customer needs

vineyard vines polo Everything a customer needs

When Farrington Place advertises that they have everything a customer needs for their upcoming event, they mean it.

This local business provides every piece that a bride, company or family could ask for, down to the most minute of details.

They take care of the large details, like providing 40 x 100 tents for a company wide event, to the smallest of details, like carving watermelons in the shape of a turtle centerpieces for a baby shower.

Every chair, light bulb and fork is housed on their sight at 416 W 3rd St., a location that was once a Chevy dealership.

Though the building is almost unrecognizable now, Farrington place did maintain the original brass light fixtures, ceilings, French doors and mezzanines. The space is built to be transformed into any kind of venue that a customer is looking for. Lighting and drapery play a big part in that, according to Eric Winters, one of Farrington Place owners and manager of sales and marketing.

have enough up lighting to light four weddings at once, said Winters. have 100 color and fabric options for linen. Additionally, if we don have what you want,
polo clearance Everything a customer needs
we special order it. event production company opened its doors just two years ago and is already planning to expand the operation.

about six weeks we start construction on a room with beautiful vaulted ceilings that can hold up to 400 people, Winters said. will make us one of, if not the largest event venue in Williamsport. their variety of services is impressive, Winters favorite topic to talk about when it comes to this local business is the food.

Farrington caters all of their events in house, unless a site they travel to for an occasion doesn allow it.

They have four chefs from all over the country and different corners of the world. Winters says they do not bring in outside vendors for anything, especially not the food.

chefs have studied at Johnson Wales, the Harvard of the culinary world, he said. will create any recipe, in any artistic form any client could possibly want. They do it all. believes that the diverse backgrounds of Farrington chefs means the event production company can pair the perfect chef with each customer.

of our chefs is from South Carolina and can consult with a bride on that southern food the state is known so well for, he said. we have a chef who lived in Japan for 10 years. That broadens the culinary options we can provide even more. Farrington Place is a local business, they have traveled as far as Ocean City, Maryland to provide their vast services.

As well as their location in Williamsport, they also have a warehouse at State College. But Winters says that Lycoming County is home.

grew up here, I love working here, he said.

The owner love of the area is apparent in the company name. Farrington Place was dubbed as such after Williamsport legend Prince Farrington. Though he can be remembered as King of Bootlegers focuses on what he did for the community.

Often described as a Robin Hood type figure, Farrington ran an illegal bootleg liquor business during Prohibition,
polo clearance Everything a customer needs
but employed every farmer within a 50 mile radius of Williamsport with said business. He purchased a roof for a local church and bought clothing for children who went without.