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Black Butte Lake, west of Orland, Buckhorn CampgroundChico >> Schools were closed in Thermalito Monday, and even if the weren all of the children have left town. So free for the day, two teachers from Thermalito Union School District found their way to the serving aisle at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico. About 700 people grabbed bagels, eggs and other breakfast food provided by the Salvation Army.

Kerrie Sunderman and Tammy Duggan were joined by members of Lifespring Church, who also volunteered.

The teachers said the evacuees included some of their current and former students, who had gathered with their families when the call for an emergency evacuation went out in towns downstream from Oroville Dam.

Some of the students said they were scared, and the teachers told them to see the time away from home as an adventure.

Sunderman quipped she have plenty of relevant lesson plans for her fifth graders when everyone returns to class lessons on erosion and water supply, for example.

The meals were welcome, because many people left their homes quickly.

Donald Boone said he heard the evacuation alert on his phone late Sunday afternoon and waited for his parents to arrive at his house. They stopped for gas in Oroville, and the line was backed up down Myers Street, with cars around to Olive Highway. Boone said there was also a line of cars heading for hotel rooms at the casino.

hoping to get back home soon,
polo hats on sale Evacuees safe at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds
Boone said. He was happy to have a cot last night, but his bed at home is much better.

When the family arrived at the shelter, the son checked in with medical personnel to ensure his parents medications were handled. Even with an estimated 1 1/2 hours of actual sleep, she was cheerful after breakfast Monday, watching her 10 month old carefully so she did not eat the wrapper of her granola bar.

drive here (from Oroville) was insane, Cortright said. She passed several accidents, as well as cars that had broken down due to overheating or other problems.

California Highway Patrol directed traffic to flow the wrong way on the highway, which appeared to be illegal to others who were stuck in the normal north bound lanes of the highway.

Today would be a long, slow day, Cortright said, nodding in the direction of her 5 year old son, who was sitting at a cot with a neighbor.

The facility has several outlets for recharging her tablet. Also, a Wi Fi number is posted on the wall. Volunteers have also provided boxes of crayons and coloring books for children.
polo hats on sale Evacuees safe at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds