polo outlet branson green blinking ight on back and ticking sound

polo logo green blinking ight on back and ticking sound

Hi everyone. My computer will not turn on. All that is going on is the green light on the back is blinking and a clicking/ticking sound is made with each blink. Any advice on what to try? I am a computer novice with hardly any computer knowledge when it comes to hardware. I dont have lots of cash to take it to have it looked at so i was hoping I may be able to fix the problem. when i came home there had been a power failure and my cmputer had of course been shut down. thanks

as much information as possible would be of great help, or pictures.

the green light is on the back of the tower in the upper left hand corner under the power cord. it is the only “working thing” at this moment! it just blinks non stop if i plug in the computer. with each blink is a clicking/ticking sound. when i unplug the computer totally from the wall the light slows down the blinking and slowly stops. i think it is the power supply light? i unplugged the power cord from the computer and let it sit for quite a while (over a day) and still nothing.

I would suspect that your computer documentation should tell you what the LED is for.

IF it is for Power Supply Unit (PSU) status indication, the blinking may tell you specifically what is wrong.

The odds are that the PSU was damaged by the power glitch. Ultimately it’s a good basic test tool to have available. Examples:

Be warned that with a suspect PSU, any diagnostic work you subsequently perform may FURTHER damage components in the computer, including the motherboard.

If that is not an acceptable risk, then wait until you have at least run the basic PSU test using the test tool from above.

If that is an acceptable risk to you, then you might proceed with further diagnostics.

In the meantime, disconnect all power cables in the computer except for the mobo cable. Then, power up the computer again. If it still has the same symptoms, then it’s likely either your PSU, the mobo, or both.
polo outlet branson green blinking ight on back and ticking sound