polo wool hat Great Barrington jail tries to recoup some of the costs

polo sweatpants Great Barrington jail tries to recoup some of the costs

GREAT BARRINGTON An “extremely intoxicated and violent” and sometimes naked man transported from Sheffield caused so much damage to the Great Barrington police station last week that the department is bringing him to court to try to recoup some of the cleanup cost.

Michael H. Jan. 5 in two holding cells, police said, during which time he went on a rampage, after which an outside maintenance firm had to be hired to remove bodily fluids.

Great Barrington has one of the largest police departments in Southern Berkshire County and will hold prisoners from the police departments of Egremont, Sheffield, New Marlborough and Monterey, which do not have cells, under a mutual aid pact. For each prisoner Great Barrington holds, the sending town pays $100.

“It’s not that often something like that happens. It’s not really typical for someone to act up like that,” said Great Barrington Police Chief William Walsh, who added that the department holds about three or four prisoners from outside Great Barrington each month. when the Sheffield Police Department received a 911 call reporting there was a man wearing only a shirt walking down Salisbury Road amid frigid temperatures, said Sheffield Police Chief Eric Munson III. Police located the man, Wright, shortly after the call on nearby Main Street. The officer on duty called for backup from Egremont and the officers were able to put him under protective custody and get Wright inside the Sheffield police cruiser and transported to Great Barrington, police said.

Munson said the cruiser had to be cleaned of bodily fluids following the transport to the Great Barrington police station. Soon after being put in a cell, Wright allegedly began kicking at the door and yelling before urinating on the closed entryway and floor. While standing on a bench attempting to place toilet paper over the cell’s surveillance camera, police said, Wright fell and hit his head on the bench and began to bleed. While coming down from the bench, Wright fell, again, police said.

Southern Berkshire Volunteer Ambulance came to the cell to assess Wright’s injuries, but he refused treatment, police said.

Officers then “forced” their way into the cell to clear the camera and to retrieve Wright’s discarded pants and socks. He was moved to another cell in the station where Wright took off his last remaining clothes and got fully nude, police said. In the second cell, Wright fell again making it three tumbles in all while at the station, police said. He is “irate and nude. Cells 1 and 2 covered in wet toilet paper, urine and blood. [Wright] verbally aggressive and banging on walls,” the police log reported.

After yelling for a lawyer, Wright fell asleep for a while, police said. After waking up, and during a routine visual cell check, Wright exposed his anus and underside of his genitals to officers before pressing them against the cell glass, police said.

Wright then asked to use the phone and was told if he calms down and cleans the surveillance camera of the saliva and toilet paper he put there, he would be able to use it and get a blanket, police said. Wright complied, police said, but when given the phone Wright ripped the head set from the cord, defecated in his hand and smeared his waste on the camera lens.

Chief Walsh said he was unsure how much the cleanup cost would be, but he’d know more when he gets the bill from the biohazard cleaning company brought in to restore the cells and the Sheffield police cruiser.
polo wool hat Great Barrington jail tries to recoup some of the costs