us polo Group Adorns Loring Park with Winter Clothing for Those in Need

slime water polo Group Adorns Loring Park with Winter Clothing for Those in Need

Her name is Nicki Kromminga Hill. She dreamed up The Spread Sunshine Gang five years ago. And on this Sunday morning, she and her friends who think just like her from Knitteapolis and This Life Rocks decorated the park with 800 scarves, gloves, hats and coats.

They were committing random acts of kindness.

“I think there a 100 percent chance a kid is going to see that coat and grab it, yeah,” Kromminga Hill said. She said Loring Park is surrounded by rising levels of homelessness and churches that serve the homeless and the people living on the poverty line. It made sense to drape and drop the coats there.

She said she won know who will end up with the warm weather gear, but she knows that whoever it is, is meant to have it. She said the group lets shelters in the area know the winter gear is available.

She came up with the idea three years ago, and began collecting the items in her garage. She said that in the first year she got 200 pieces, 400 last year and 800 this year. Kromminga Hill believes she and her friends have given away 1,500 coats, scarves and hats, many of them homemade, in that time. She points to three scarves hanging from a high bar on the playground equipment.

“There 20 of these scarves that came from three girls,” she said. “They got together on an afternoon with their moms and they made them. We put a little tag on each item saying me We don want people to think we putting trash out.”

She believes people genuinely want to help, even if they can afford much.

“There are so many people who want to give, but they don know how because they don have a lot of money but they can make a scarf,” Kromminga Hill said. “There a lot of goodness in the world. It hard to see, but you can make the goodness happen on your own, and it turns out so many people want in on the goodness.”

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The Spread Sunshine Gang and her friend Knitteapolis, who said she makes “soft street art, one yarn bomb at a time,” plan to give away winter gear every month.

Kromminga Hill said the little giveway that started in her garage will now become a full fledged nonprofit by the end of 2018, when she plans to begin working at her charity full time.
us polo Group Adorns Loring Park with Winter Clothing for Those in Need