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southern preppy would be something like ben silver or a retailer like grady ervin. it is going to be oriented toward summertime clothes, since it is so hot.

i don’t know what northern preppy looks like, so i can’t compare and contrast. for men, southern preppy is heavy on the cotton and linen, lots of pastel and seersucker. very little wool fabric or black leather anything. it may be a little more flamboyant; you see a lot of bowties and suspenders, and strange/bold embroidered patterns. i wouldn’t say it is ‘not nautical’. it is not oriented toward sailing, at all but things like deep sea fishing are a typical ‘preppy’ activity, topsiders are standard issue.

when i think of northern preppy, i think of big money private schools, lacrosse, sailing, blue blazers. more formal, but that may just be my imagination.

I spent my first 11 years of school in a New England Prep school, where the majority of old money preppies wore khakis, chinos, seersucker, navy blazers, Nantucket Reds and Sperrys or Weejuns. Popular brands were and still are: Brooks Brothers, J Press, Burberry and (name of town)shop my favorite being the Andover Shop. Most drove a Volvo or older model BMW’s and Range Rovers, had a golden retriever and belonged to various country clubs. Pretentiousness was never a characteristic.

When my parents retired my senior year and moved us to Florida, I enrolled at a boarding school. Aside from the same dress code (khakis and blazer), outside of school many wore jeans, flip flops and brands such as Abercrombie and Fitch, American Eagle and Hollister. Many drove BMWS, Mercedes, Jaguars and flashy cars that a real Northern preppy would not drive.

This is just a basic juxtaposition from a freshman in college.

The south definitely isn’t about Abercrombie and Hollister. True southern brands are Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines, Southern Proper, Ralph Lauren, and Brooks Brothers. They wear a lot of pastels because like everyone said it is exceptionally hot down here. When they are wanting to dress up a little in spring or summer, a seersucker suit is a staple. Any time of year a white button down and bow tie is acceptable, even in casual situations. A polo or patterned button up is also frequently worn. Visors or no hat is what most guys wear if they are preppy. You rarely see jeans, mainly khaki pants/shorts. Sperry’s are a must. Granted many northern boys do sail and have a “nautical” style, but it is not reserved only for the north. Plenty of southern boys do especially ones from South Carolina, especially around Charleston. The north’s preppy is like the rest of the country’s preppy. Pretty much the south just has its own unique version.
polo hats for sale Northern Preppy dye