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Stick to business when making small talk

So you hate making small talk at business functions. Well, curry the art, because it looms large in the business world, especially with clients and contacts, says Lillian D. Bjorseth, president of DuoForce Enterprises Inc. in Lisle. The best small talk sticks to major subjects, the ones that bridge genders and other differences, such as current events, business, sports,” she says. Avoid personal issues such as family and children in your first exchange because not everyone is comfortable with those subjects, she advises.

Oscar Mayer has new products to help chase the brown bag blues. It is adding hot dogs and cheeseburgers to its popular Lunchables lunch combinations line up. The All Star burgers and Hot Dogs are cooked and ready to eat. They are combined with milk chocolate balls and either an 8 oz. can of Lunchables cola or a bag of Lay’s potato chips. Lunchables are made at Oscar Mayers’ plant in Davenport. companies and found a surprise winner: UST Inc. of Greenwich, Conn., maker of Skoal, Red Seal and Copenhagen smokeless tobacco. Only 15 companies passed the rigorous test. Others were Coca Cola, Microsoft, Abercrombie and Fitch Co., Global Marine, Midway Games, Intimate Brands, 3Com Corp., Advantage Learning Systems Inc., Bristol Myers Squibb Co., Schering Plough Corp., Parametric Technology Corp., Ciena Co., Plantronics Inc. and Polo Ralph Lauren Corp.

Plastic fire trucks won’t melt, builder says

The uses for plastic keep growing. This time, it’s fire trucks. Darley and Co. of Melrose Park and Federal Signal Corp. of Oak Brook have orders for their plastic fire trucks. Darley, whose plastic trucks melt at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Plastic components also are easier and cheaper to repair or replace than steel, won’t rust or corrode and is lighter in weight than metals.

Average American will come up short in assets

On average, Americans have 2 percent less in liquid assets than they would need to pay off all their debts, according to the Federal Reserve Board. By comparison, the average household in 1985 had 52 percent more than it needed to pay off creditors. The Fed believes the prolonged bull market has made investing seem more attractive than paying off credit cards, mortgages and other debts.
polo shirts women Notes and quotes