stanford water polo club Olympic fashions go for the gold

clearance polo shirts Olympic fashions go for the gold

Back when a chap named Bruce Jenner was the face of the Montreal Olympics, athletes had limited shots at stardom. The Wheaties box, maybe a trip to Disney World these were the options, usually after the Olympics, and generally only if they won.

Now 40 years later, the road to Rio is packed with sports stars. Olympians are celebs in their own right, endorsed by various brands and seen more and more before the Olympics. You spot them in ad campaigns (gymnast Aly Raisman is flipping literally for Aeropostale), on magazine covers (decathlete Ashton Eaton shares a javelin with Gigi Hadid in this month Vogue) and on the show (yep, there wrestler Jordan Burroughs and swimmers Ryan Lochte and Haley Anderson modeling Ralph Lauren closing ceremony gear). Olympic and Paralympic teams since 2008, causing a bit of a stir in 2012 when it was revealed the gear was made in China. (This year preppy attire is all made in the United States.) Stella McCartney has also been outfitting Great Britain Olympians for years. In fact, the Olympics these days is like some Runway: Jock Edition, with Giorgio Armani (for Italy),
stanford water polo club Olympic fashions go for the gold
H (Sweden) and this year edgy label DSquared2 (Canada) all dressing athletes with versions available to us flabby consumers.

The goal is to whip up enthusiasm for the games and sell merchandise, of course, with various other brands having churned out a slew of Olympics inspired apparel and accessories.

We all can make it to this month Olympic Games, though given the controversy over Brazil crime and polluted waterways and Zika virus outbreak staying home might not be the worst thing in the world. (South Korea may have the best idea the pants, shirts and jackets to be worn by its athletes in ceremonies and off duty are infused with mosquito repellent.)

So when the opening ceremonies begin on Friday, slipping on your favorite Olympics tee or bracelet and hunkering down on the couch won seem so bad at all.

Photo Credit: Heinz Kluetmeier

A picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words. Multiply that by 50, and you got a sense of “50 of the Greatest Moments in Sports,” a photography exhibition at SoHo Contemporary Art in Manhattan. The gallery partnered with Sports Illustrated, gathering classic images from the Olympics . hockey team beat the Soviet Union in the 1980 Lake Placid games. women soccer team, beating China for the 1999 World Cup). If you like one,
stanford water polo club Olympic fashions go for the gold
take it home.