volkswagen polo diesel Officials have fingers crossed on Nebraska Crossing traffic

polo pants for men Officials have fingers crossed on Nebraska Crossing traffic

The new Nebraska Crossing opens Nov. 15, and developer Rod Yates said about 60 stores will be open.

Although Yates said it’s hard to predict how many people will show up on any given day, he expects an average of 10,000 to 12,000 people per day through the end of the year.

The mall has 1,600 parking spaces, Yates said, about 300 of which will be taken up on a daily basis by employees. That leaves 1,300 for mall patrons. Digital signs will tell people which parking areas are full and which have spaces.

If the lots are full, there aren’t a lot of other places for people to park.

What officials don’t want to see is drivers pulling off and parking on the shoulder of Nebraska 31.

Lt. Randy Furby of the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office said that’s one thing his agency will be looking for.

The sheriff’s office will not direct traffic on roads around the mall, he said, but it will have a presence there, at least during opening weekend and on Nov. 29, which is Black Friday, one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

“We’ll be doing everything we can to make sure traffic flows without accidents,” Furby said.

The mall’s only access points are on Nebraska 31, a two lane highway. One is Melia Drive on the south end of the property, which has been there since the original mall was built. 6 intersect.

That’s a new intersection with traffic signals that takes people into the mall on Nebraska Crossing Drive, which is a Gretna city street. The street funnels traffic into the mall and then back out via a roundabout. Gretna spent about $1 million on roadwork there.

“As far as what we’re looking at right now, we’d sure like to see people use that signalized intersection,” said Tim Weander, engineer for District 2 of the Nebraska Department of Roads. 6.

However, those using Interstate 80 to get to the mall from the east or the west are likely to use the Melia Road entrance.

Both the mall and Gretna officials have lobbied for a traffic signal at Melia Drive, but the state won’t allow one. 6 Nebraska 31 intersection.

Weander said another traffic light would make for one too many on such a short stretch of road.

There is nothing preventing drivers leavingthe mall from Melia Road from trying to turn left across traffic on Nebraska 31.

Without a signal,Furby said, that could be a huge problem, one that has the sheriff’s office considering preventing left hand turns.

“We’re talking about blocking that off during the rush times,” he said.

Another potential problem is traffic backups on Nebraska 31 andspilling out onto the interstate as exit ramps become clogged.

“That’s the State Patrol’s biggest concern and our biggest concern, too, is if traffic backs up on the interstate,” Weander said.

The Roads Department, State Patrol and Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office have been meeting regularly to discuss potential issues.

The Roads Department last week changed the left hand turn signal for southbound traffic exiting east onto I 80 from red and green arrows to flashing yellow. That will give drivers more control and discretion over their turns.

Weander said the change was not made because of the outlet mall, but it certainly won’t hurt if it improves the flow of traffic.

Furby said the patrol may put up mobile digital signs along the interstate both east and west of the Gretna exit to alertdrivers to the possibility the right hand lane might be backed up.

He said having a six lane interstate, as opposed to four lanes in 1993, should help with traffic flow and prevent slowdowns.
volkswagen polo diesel Officials have fingers crossed on Nebraska Crossing traffic